Rita Rossi and goat cheese

June 26, 2012 / Local Interest
Colforcella di Cascia, Umbria

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Flavio fired up his black and white Mini one day and we headed out into the wilds of eastern Umbria to stock the kitchen. After twenty minutes of driving country roads, we stopped at Colforcella di Cascia, where Rita Rossi has been producing goat and sheep cheeses since 1997. The farm has a small production, about a quintale (about 220 pounds) of goat cheese and 60 of sheep cheeses a day.

We put on rubber boots and headed into the barn. Signora Rossi is the only producer in the area and Flavio drops by regularly to wander among the goats and sample both the ageing cheeses and the fresh pots.

She has a tiny store next to the house where her cheese is for sale, along with the famous saffron from Cascia down the road, the tiny Umbrian town where the annual saffron festival is held in late October.

By the looks of her product, it is obvious that Flavio has a keen eye for sourcing only the best.

Sharri Whiting

by Sharri Whiting

Sharri writes about food, wine and international travel from Umbria, where she and her husband grow olives. In addition to articles, she writes a blog,  UmbriaBella. Her app, Olive Oil IQ is a portable encyclopedia for foodies and culinary travelers (iTunes & Android). Follow her on Twitter: @umbriabella and @oliveoiliq. Facebook: www.facebook.com/UmbriaBella, and www.facebook.com/oliveoiliq

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  1. Linda Boccia

    We will be moving permanently to Roma in within the next 4 years and many of your contributions are on our list to visit. thank you contributors and GB for putting together this notebook.

    Anyone want to buy a house 20-25 minutes from San Francisco in California? It would speed up our departure. It’s 3 bdrms, 2 baths. Or maybe just a home exchange for a while.

    • Linda Boccia

      I will contact you when we finally arrive more permanently from California. I am a silk painter and jeweler and my husband Lidano, yes he was born in Rome, is now a full time glass fusionist (I guess is the word). His work is going very well and recently at a show he sold quite a bit as did I. But I sell my scarves in Hawaii at 4 galleries there and when we lived in Lucca for 6 months last year I had offers of shows there as well. Thanks for responding. I am fluent in Italian as well as my husband since that is his first language. ciao, ciao


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