The Other Rome

May 9, 2008 / Local Interest
While Rome is certainly not a city that one ever tires of admiring, after a while a sense of familiarity begins to set in and one’s relationship with the city becomes less about discovering new things, as much as newly re-discovering that which you already know.

Have you ever been so lucky to be in Rome when it rains? Lucky, you ask? Sometimes visits are limited time-wise and no-one wants to visit anywhere when it’s raining, right?

Think again. Rain in Rome brings about a spectacle unlike any other . . another entire city, a whole Rome just as big as the first, but unknown, mysterious, upside down and all to be discovered, which reveals itself only if you keep your nose down instead of up.

But move quickly! There is only about a three or four hour period from when the rain stops (and the puddles become still enough to see and photograph the reflections in them perfectly) until the rainwater seeps back into ground between the cobblestones, and the puddles and this whole other amazing city slowly disappear once again.


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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