Stepping Up from Trastevere to Monteverde

March 5, 2010 / Local Interest
Rome, Lazio
steppingup2The Trastevere neighborhood in central Rome is famous for its cobblestone vicoli (alleyways), medieval charm and bustling nightlife. Monteverde instead (literally green hill), while not as well known to tourists and rarely frequented by many Romans, is considered one of the most enviable neighborhoods in the city. Perched atop the Gianicolo hill (the highest in Rome), Monteverde towers over Trastevere below and truly looks down upon the rest of the city.

But perhaps more than the neighborhoods themselves, the many staircases connecting the two are exquisite. The staircases contain their own stories and are filled with secrets.

For example, a plaque next to the Scalea del Tamburino bears a quote by the spaghetti western film director Sergio Leone, who grew up here, which states, “The way I see things is naïve, a little infantile but sincere, like the children on the staircase of Viale Glorioso.”

These scale (staircases) bind the two contrasting communities of Monteverde and Trastevere together and are a joy to explore. Although perhaps it is best to walk DOWN from one to the other unless you’re hoping to get some serious exercise in!


Ian Zurzolo

by Ian Zurzolo

Writer, editor, American University of Rome graduate, Italian Notebook Editorial Intern.

7 Responses to “Stepping Up from Trastevere to Monteverde”

  1. Pat Ceccarelli

    I loved this one! Another of the great little secrets that one can find by looking at Italian Notebook! Many thanks- I can’t wait to try the steps and long for a return to Rome to do it! best from Pat Carney

  2. Ian

    Thanks for the compliments Pat. I’m lucky enough to walk these steps every day from my apartment in Trastevere up to my university.

    Hope you can make it back to Rome soon, its always calling.

  3. This is indeed beautiful area, but be sure to take Ian’s advice: walking down is definitely easier. I’d also recommend not trying to do it – as a friend and I did once -in the middle of July, either – really a wonderful spot, but very hot there in summer to be climbing all those steps. ;-) Thanks, Ian – great post!

  4. Wonderful post, this one’s a winner!
    I have lived in Rome my entire life but I truly had no idea there were so many “scalinate” connecting Trastevere to Green Hill!

    Thank you Ian for taking me there today, and showing me a new part of my city. I will definitely go and discover more secrets.


  5. Barbara Goodale

    Thank you so much Ian for sharing this wonderful neighborhood. I have fallen hopelessly with Rome and I spend the rest of the year planning my next trip. Having never been, I will certainly plan on including Monteverde in my itinerary when I visit in the Fall.

  6. What a beautiful view from above. I’d like to tour Italy by following all your Italian Notebook spots of interest. What has been your favorite so far?

  7. Marina Liburdi

    I grew up in Monteverde…this made me very melancholy!! :)


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