L’Ulivo Pensieroso

March 11, 2016 / Local Interest
Ginosa, Puglia

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Pensieroso… this is a great Italian adjective. The verb and root is pensare, to think, also the root of our “pensive.” Yet someone who is pensieroso is not simply pensive. If we say someone is pensive, this does not denote what kind of pensiero they are pensando (thinking). In Italian, pensieroso carries more meaning.

If you have a pensiero (or pensieri), it likely means that you have a worry or a concern. It therefore follows that someone pensieroso is certainly pensive, deep in thought, ruminating, or pondering, yet they are also preoccupied, possibly brooding even.

Now that we have our terms straight, you can forget everything you just read and look at the photo below instead. In this case, if not a thousand words then the photo is certainly worth at least an entry in the Zingarelli! (Italy’s Webster’s dictionary)

The title of this note is the title that photographer Michele Grecucci gave the photo. Taken near Ginosa in Puglia, it has gotten quite a bit of traction in newspapers and websites in the last few days, and rightly so!

I’m not quite sure whether an olive tree can be pensieroso, yet this one certainly seems to be…

(In order to keep crowds from driving the olive grove owner mad, Michele has not released its location. Better to let pensierosi olive trees lie…)

(ItalianNotebook kindly received permission to use the photo… grazie Michele!
Facebook: Michele Grecucci
Website: Michele Grecucci Photography
Instagram: @michelegrecucci.)


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by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. Annette Machac

    Amazing photo! Pensieroso (thoughtful) seems like the proper title.


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