Umbrellas in Spring

June 10, 2014 / Local Interest
Passo di Cerventosa, Tuscany
cerase1The umbrella: a most necessary item when travelling through Italy at this time of year. Particularly useful when crossing from the Val Tiberina over the hills and dales (Tuscan pre-Apennines, to be exact) that literally drop you onto Cortona and the Val di Chiana below.

It is spring time after all, and it does obviously rain as the area is lush and cool. It makes sense to carry one along in the car, but not for the reasons you think.

Keep an eye out when you cross one of the many stone bridges over streams. You will often find cerase…¬†trees bearing small, delicious, bitter wild cherries, growing naturally along the banks. Just out of reach, of course.

Lucky you brought that umbrella…





by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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  1. I look forward to “The Italian Notebook” each day. I get such
    pleasure of reading about our rich cultural heritage, especially when
    it involves Sicily……………..

  2. Sylvia Flores

    I agree with Frank above….the stories and pictures are breathtaking, as they fill me with more wonder and anticipation. I always look forward to my next visit. Thanks so much! Sylvia

  3. Taube Ponce

    The Italian Notebook notes allow me to imagine myself into the beauty, tastes, sights and sounds of Italy. Not as good as being there, but the best I can do for now. I am so grateful for it all!

  4. Ann Waggoner

    Wonderful pictures! We will be back in September. Can’t wait!

  5. David Bridges

    My wife and I have eaten cherries like those when we were living in Tuscany. They are not sweet but they are quite tasty.

  6. We live in the next valley north. Umbrellas are usually useful for parachuting off Monte Genezzo or Castel Giudeo as it can be just a little windy up here! The Republic Day walks used to be held from Portole up and over the Francescan mule path to Teverina but the walkers got fed up with arriving for their pasta and porcetta pannino suffering from hypothermia. They have now moved to walk into the valley below Cortona!

  7. CeciliaBelenardo

    Love Italian Notebook,look forward to it each day. Makes me want to return to my favorite places in Italy.

  8. bernadette higgins

    Along with others, I too love all things Italian and dream of the day that I can return and live in this beautiful country of my ancestors. I look forwrard each day of the week for my “notes” to enjoy and keep me connected with those who love Italy as I do. I would love to buy your mystery novel The Revenge of the Milanese Butcher but do not have a Kindle. My ebook is a Nook from Barnes & Nobel. Is there any other format that will be available in the near future such as paperback or additional ebook venues like mine?

  9. Marianna Raccuglia

    Thank you for your many articles-each one so interesting and so well written. Don’t stop!


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