February 6 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Capua’s Mithreaum

Capua, Campania

The ancient Romans had as many gods as there were people and if you visit the Capua amphitheater, make sure

January 16 2013 / Places

The English Cemetery in Naples

Napoli, Campania

For centuries expats have enthusiastically lived in Italy. When they died, however, they often needed a place of final rest

December 7 2012 / Places

Venus Revealed: The English Garden

Caserta, Campania

Think Caserta, and you think High Baroque style, a desire to out-Versailles Versailles in terms of scale, magnificence and power-projection.

November 13 2012 / Places

The Postman’s Island

Procida, Campania

Adored for its simplicity, panoramic views and natural beauty, Isola di Procida — one of a group of islands that

October 25 2012 / Places

Feeding the Fountains of Kings

Valle di Maddaloni, Campania

The grandeur of the Royal Palace of Caserta was surpassed only by the lavish abode of Louis XIV at Versailles.

October 3 2012 / Events


Anacapri, Campania

Settembrata on Anacapri means Italian musicians singing in the street, pacchiane (local women dressed in Neapolitan garb) carrying baskets of grapes

September 17 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Lost Body Parts

Napoli, Campania

Neapolitans seem to have a thing for uninterred body parts. At the Duomo, for example, the bones of patron saint

August 1 2012 / Places


Sorrento, Campania

Unfortunately we all know that the speed of modern life can make it difficult to appreciate and give proper due

July 12 2012 / Food & Wine


The Sannio, Campania

Scauratielli or scauratieddi is a traditional dessert recipe that is a favorite among both children and adults in the Campanian

July 9 2012 / Places

The local’s Capri beach…

Marina Grande, Capri

Most people don’t go to Capri for the beach and, in fact, the island only has two of them. But,

May 24 2012 / Local Interest

Sea Naples and Revive

Naples, Campania

A few years ago I wrote about the pleasures of Sunday mornings by the sea in Naples. Traffic was banned

April 16 2012 / Events

The City of Miracles

Naples, Campania

Neapolitan locals will tell you it’s true. In Naples, you can witness two miracles and even ask for a personal

March 19 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Santa Caterina a Formello

Naples, Campania

Not far from the Porta Capuana, one of the ancient gates of Naples, stands a church with Renaissance roots. Originally

February 24 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Cuma, Messages from the Past

Cumae, Campania

Ancient sites jostle for attention across Campania but Cuma deserves a special place in the heart of any European, for

December 22 2011 / Local Interest

Street-life Nativity

Napoli, Campania

In a bustling narrow alleyway in downtown Naples, Neapolitan life and Naples’ highest craft traditions merge. I can’t imagine Christmas

November 10 2011 / Places

A View with a City

Napoli, Campania

App or map, you have to orientate yourself in an unfamiliar city. In Naples the view from the Castel Sant’Elmo

July 22 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Duomo di San Matteo

Salerno, Campania

The duomo (literally “dome”, but meaning “cathedral”) at Salerno is rich in architectural delights. It is dedicated to Mary of

June 10 2010 / Local Interest

Bespoke spokes – Talarico Umbrellas

Napoli, Campania

In one of Naples’ dusky alleyways is a little umbrella factory that puts others in the shade. It was 150

December 4 2009 / Local Interest

The Capri Bus

Capri, Campania

Extreme bus riding. Not the first tourist activity that comes to mind when you think of a weekend getaway on

October 2 2009 / Local Interest

A View of the Vomero

Naples, Campania

The classic postcard of Naples has four elements – blue sea, bluer sky, the pleasing curve of the bay and

September 15 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Bodies of Pompeii

Pompeii, Campania

Like the lost city of Atlantis, the unfortunate city of Pompeii has achieved legendary status due to its unique downfall.

July 29 2009 / Places

The Entrance to Hades

Lago d'Averno, Campania

The Entrance to Hades exists, according to Carlo Santillo, a tour guide for the Grotta della Sibilla. Hidden along a

July 23 2009 / Places

Gardens of Augustus

Capri, Campania

Built upon ancient Roman ruins, the Gardens of Augustus were situated high atop a southerly facing cliff with a sheer