April 1 2008 / Local Interest

Urban Planning?


Of all the misguided projects and endeavors that Mussolini drummed up and initiated, perhaps the most mind-boggling yet lesser known

January 23 2008 / Local Interest

Winter Perfume


Winter in Italy means the perfume of wood burning, sausages sizzling on the spit and quiet evenings gathered around the

December 3 2007 / Local Interest

4 Million Wondrous Autumn Starlings


Like clockwork the storni (starlings) show up every fall on their migratory path to warmer climates. And like clockwork each

November 30 2007 / Local Interest

Mancini’s Handmade Shoes


Their bottega, tucked in a side alley off of Via Coronari near Piazza Navona, is as unpretentious as it gets.

November 26 2007 / Local Interest

Cat Sanctuary


Roman cats are celebrities all over the world thanks to the attention they get from visitors at the city’s ancient

November 7 2007 / Food & Wine

Antico Forno Roscioli


In Italy, pretty much all stores that deal with food are by definition what elsewhere one would call a gourmet

October 31 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Opera Bosco an Unconventional Pleasure


A visit to OperaBosco, a team-building sculpture workshop, is an unconventional pleasure. This living museum in northern Lazio advocates use

October 26 2007 / Food & Wine

Tram Belcanto: Not Your Usual Ride


Well . . . Rome’s public transportation system is not exactly known for its . . ahem, strict adherence to

October 25 2007 / Local Interest

A Stone-Carved Town

Calcata, Lazio

This medieval “rock-top” town just 30 minutes north of Rome, attracted its current 100 or so residents from all over

October 16 2007 / Events

Wash Day at il Lavatoio


Lavatoio simply means “wash house”. Many that were built in the 1850’s in the smaller towns are still fully functional.

October 16 2007 / Local Interest

Il Buco di Roma: Go Ahead, Take a Peek

Rome, Lazio

Peeping through any other keyhole is considered rude (and might lead to trouble), but there is one in Rome that

October 15 2007 / Local Interest

Il Cannone at Noon


Clockwork. Everyday the cannon blast marks noon. After jumping out of your skin (it gets you every time!), you look

October 11 2007 / Local Interest

The Roman Nasone


Neither the Colosseum nor St.Peter’s dome, the cobblestones or un caffe’. While all these are part and parcel of the

October 10 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Pluto and Proserpina


It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up every time you see it. Be still and

October 8 2007 / Food & Wine

Rughetta-The Summer Green

Rome, Italy

Rucola or rughetta in Roman, arugula in Italian, rocket in English. Call it what you will, but this IS one