March 19 2013 / Events

Bigne di San Giuseppe

Rome, Italy

Yet another sign that spring will soon be here! Although this sign is neither a change in temperature nor return

March 13 2013 / Local Interest

Sede Vacante

Rome, Italy

Many wonder what it’s like in Rome while the sede (chair) is vacante (vacant, empty). It’s logical to think that

March 1 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Gladiator Tomb Chat

Rome, Italy

ItalianNotebook friend Darius Arya, Ph.D, (director at the American Institute for Roman Culture) talks to us about the Gladiator Tomb

February 12 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Hang out your shingle in Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica, Lazio

For most of the time while visiting Ancient Rome’s port town, you’re looking out and up, all around you at

February 8 2013 / Food & Wine

Rita’s Carbonara

Rome, Lazio

Pasta, bacon, and eggs. Simple as that. Sum of its parts, right? Or take another work of art, a Caravaggio

February 5 2013 / Local Interest

Lunch at Castello Ruspoli

Vignanello, Lazio

Vignanello, ancestral home of the Ruspoli-Marescotti family, has always been a special place for good music.  In 1708-10 German musician

January 18 2013 / Art & Archaeology

St. Matthew Writing the Gospel… twice

Rome, Lazio

Rapscallion, reprobate, knave, thug, murderer… all words well-suited to describe one of the most talented artists of the Roman Baroque

January 14 2013 / Food & Wine

Agrumi of all kinds

Vetralla, Lazio

Clementine, Mandarini, Portogalli… When you think of agrumi (citrus fruit) don’t stop with oranges and lemons. Italy has been home

January 11 2013 / Local Interest

Bold as brass

Rome, Lazio

Sometimes light does a funny little jig in Rome. Certain types of light, or maybe better to say certain ways

January 10 2013 / Places

A Canterbury Trail

Sutri, Lazio

Rising above Via Cassia — an important consular road back in the days of the Roman Empire — just about

January 9 2013 / Events

Diving Into the New Year

Rome, Italy

“Polar bears do it, penguins do it, even crazy Roman residents do it…” It was 1946 when Rick De Sonay,

December 18 2012 / Art & Archaeology

The Gladiator Tomb

Rome, Lazio

AArrrghh… it’s just maddening! In 2008 archaeologists discover the 2nd century tomb of a wealthy senator, distinguished consul, and highly

December 17 2012 / Food & Wine

Have your Presepio…

Rome, Lazio

Here’s a twist that we hadn’t yet seen. A veritable mash-up, to borrow a contemporary word. Except instead of combining

December 12 2012 / Food & Wine

Winter beach

Fregene, Lazio

No takers. Given the freezing northerly wind, no friends were interested in coming along. “With the Tramontana blowing, why go?

December 11 2012 / Places

Living on the Edge

Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Looking over your shoulder for the better part of two-and-a-half millennium is probably not the best way to cope with

November 12 2012 / Events

Chestnut Festival of San Martino al Cimino

San Martino al Cimino, Lazio

San Martino al Cimino, a quiet hilltop village near Viterbo, is famous for its chestnuts which are honored each October in a

November 7 2012 / Local Interest

Street Vendors

Rome, Lazio

Bootleg items sold street side in Rome are ubiquitous. It’s unlikely that you’ll cross a bridge without being pitched the

October 26 2012 / Local Interest

Visitors: Part and Parcel of the City

Rome, Lazio

Visiting friends will often ask if the numbers of visitors bother Romans. An understandable assumption . . . but truth

October 24 2012 / Events

La Macchina di Santa Rosa

Viterbo, Lazio

La macchina di Santa Rosa is not the “car” of Santa Rosa, nor of anyone else for that matter: it’s

October 16 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Janus at Ponte Fabricio

Rome, Lazio

On Ponte Fabricio, the oldest bridge in Rome, sit the two best known hermai of Janus. (A 3rd was repurposed

October 9 2012 / Local Interest


Rome, Lazio

Here it is… in all its traditional quirkiness and (somewhat unsettling) peculiarity. Pulcinella, known elsewhere as Punch, is one of

September 12 2012 / Events

Estate Romana

Rome, Italy

When economics changed in the late 70′s in Italy and fewer people were able to leave the city for the

July 26 2012 / Local Interest

Cinecittá changes?

Rome, Italy

Some of motion picture’s most famous sets were built here. It’s where Richard Burton played Anthony to Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra.