July 24 2012 / Places

Worth doing…

Tivoli, Lazio

Penny’s great note about the gardens and fountains of Villa d’Este in Tivoli did just go out recently. Yet here’s

July 20 2012 / Art & Archaeology

L’eccezione fa la regola

Rome, Lazio

Upon purchasing aqueduct water rights from the Pope in Rome, the rule was that new right’s owner had to build

July 6 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Head down…

Rome, Italy

Tough to keep your head down in Santa Prassede, when there’s so much up to see. …up for the amazing

July 5 2012 / Local Interest

Campanilismo Annulled for One Night

Bolsena, Lazio

Italy lost the European Cup final to Spain this past weekend in a resounding defeat, 4 to 0. No doubt

June 11 2012 / Local Interest

Religious Supplies

Rome, Lazio

You realize you had never really thought about it. If you had, you might have hypothesized that they had some

June 8 2012 / Places

Giochi d’Acqua at the Villa d’Este

Tivoli, Lazio

Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este had, shall we say, powerful relatives – a grandson of Pope Alexander VI, son of Alfonso

May 31 2012 / Art & Archaeology

The Twin Fountains of Viterbo and.. Rhodes?!

Viterbo, Lazio

Enclosed within 12th century grey stone walls, Viterbo is known as “the city of beautiful fountains and beautiful women”. Although

May 30 2012 / Places

Santo Stefano Rotondo

Rome, Italy

Like so many other early Christian churches, Santo Stefano Rotondo was built on the land of a patrician family whose

May 25 2012 / Food & Wine

Fave e Pecorino

Rome, Lazio

It’s spring time, so fave (fava or broad beans) are now in season and pecorino romano (lit. Roman sheep’s cheese)

May 22 2012 / Places

Quite a perch…

Rome, Italy

Many of you are familiar with the Chiostro del Bramante as a nice and quiet place to take a short

May 17 2012 / Local Interest

Only in Rome…

Rome, Italy

Two workers were fussing about and unloading something from the back of their parked moving truck as I walked past.

May 2 2012 / Food & Wine

Carciofi, Artichokes

Rome, Lazio

Yes, ’tis the season for artichokes. The market abounds with them, everyone is eating them, and if you want to

March 27 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Quota Hora Est?

Rome, Italy

One of the better ways to get the answer to the above question 2000 years ago in Rome would have

March 8 2012 / Places

Roaming in Rome

Rome, Italy

Rome is a land of hills, cobbled stones, and uneven pavements which can wreak havoc on your feet. One of

March 2 2012 / Local Interest

Problema, Officer?

Rome, Lazio

Occasionally something happens to you in Italy and you begin to think that Fellini was not a great surrealist film-maker,

February 17 2012 / Food & Wine

Messing with Pasta Perfection

Rome, Lazio

Class-A Amatriciana, the favorite Roman tomato and pork pasta, is rare. (Exhaustive research since the early ’80s has uncovered very

February 6 2012 / Places

Singing Olive Tree?

Castelnuovo di Farfa, Lazio

There is absolutely no telling what you will find in the small towns of Italy. In the tiny village of

January 26 2012 / Places

Gardens of Ninfa

Ninfa, Lazio

These incredible gardens and ruins are what remains of the ancient city of Ninfa, now long gone. It got its

January 20 2012 / Local Interest

City (Re)-Planning


While certainly not pervasive throughout Italy, in some of the larger cities less encumbered by shall we say strong moral

December 21 2011 / Events

Solstice, alla Romana

Rome, Lazio

An amazing moment in the holiday season occurs today in Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri , every year.

December 20 2011 / Events

Holiday Piazza Navona

Rome, Lazio

Piazza Navona has forever been the square that transforms itself as of early December into one of the holiday season

December 12 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Old Fragment Found

Rome, Lazio

Vasari, our 16th century proto-Art Historian, writes that Pinturicchio: “…painted, above the door to the private rooms, Ms.Giulia Farnese in

December 2 2011 / Local Interest

I Ragazzi di Via Panisperna

Rome, Lazio

The next time you’re walking along Via Panisperna from Piazza Venezia to Santa Maria Maggiore, stop for a second. An