June 8 2016 / Art & Archaeology

Camerano’s Mysterious Underground

Camerano, Le Marche

Ah, Italy “the land of the endless discoveries.” One never finishes discovering the wonders “above ground” – let alone underground!

March 3 2016 / Art & Archaeology

L’Arca dell’Arte

Sassocorvaro, Le Marche

BRIEF ANNOUNCEMENT (Today’s note follows): Do you enjoy ItalianNotebook? Are you glad to get the notes in your inbox in

May 28 2015 / Events

Mille Miglia in Senigallia

Senigallia, Le Marche

Italians have a few distinguishing characteristics coursing through their veins. Innate charm. An appreciation of good food. Style. And an

November 18 2014 / Places

Mary’s Little House

Loreto, Le Marche

Safely hidden on top of a hill, behind the walls of the vescovo‘s (bishop’s) palace, under the cupola of the

June 4 2014 / Food & Wine

Cantine Aperte

Le Marche

Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars) is what a wine lover would describe as heaven on earth. The Movimento Turismo del Vino

May 8 2014 / Local Interest

Senigallia a mollo, ma non molla*

Senigallia, Le Marche

Visiting Senigallia for the first time is like being single, meeting a good looking guy, and discovering that he has

November 5 2013 / Local Interest

’tis the season once again

Le Marche

Get ready for some delicious bruschette. Olive season is upon us! If you live out in the country like me,

October 17 2013 / Local Interest

Precautionary Tactics

Le Marche

I have sweet memories of my grandmother, but sometimes the most curious ones lie at the forefront. Nonna was a

October 7 2013 / Places

Senigallia’s Rotonda a Mare

Senigallia, Le Marche

A unique piece of architecture sits majestically out at sea worthy of a nod and a wink from Renaissance master

July 19 2013 / Events

The Polenta Well

Corinaldo, Le Marche

A local story from the 15th century tells of a peasant who was returning home after a hard day in

July 15 2013 / Events

Senigallia Summer Jamboree

Senigallia, Le Marche

It’s that time again. Get out your hair gel. Senigallia has hosted this huge Anni Cinquanta event for the past

October 29 2012 / Food & Wine

Daniele Salvatori, fresh pork Maestro

Visso, Le Marche

(..part of this great series of five notes.) After coffee, we drove around to Daniele Salvatori’s place, where Flavio buys fresh

July 19 2012 / Places

Le Grotte di Frasassi

Genga, Le Marche

The Frasassi Caves are a marvel to behold. We aren’t just talking your run of the mill underground pebbles and

February 14 2012 / Places

Offida’s Lace

Offida, Le Marche

Some local experts cite the fourteenth century as the onset of il merletto al tombolo (pillow spun lace) in Offida,

December 6 2011 / Art & Archaeology

L’Arte della Bottega

Montottone, La Marche

There are moments when traveling that are so rare I hesitate to breathe in too deeply for fear of breaking

July 20 2011 / Places

The Mysteries of Monte Nerone

Apecchio, Le Marche

In the 1980s a group of young men from the small town of Apecchio near the border of Umbria and

June 14 2010 / Local Interest

June in Senigallia

Senigallia, Le Marche

If only one had a Euro for every time someone has exclaimed, “How wonderful it must be to live in

July 10 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Raffaello e Urbino


You are 11 years old. Your father has just died and has left you at the helm of the family

July 3 2009 / Events

Madonna di Montagnola

Chiaravalle, Le Marche

“Non ce la faccio. Arriva la Madonna,” my grandmother says, when I asked her if she was coming to lunch

May 12 2009 / Food & Wine


Le Marche

Plant and herb-based digestivi (digestive liquors) are a common conclusion for many the multi-course Italian feast. The restorative properties of

February 12 2009 / Events

Burning Down the Town?


If you happen upon the Piceno hill town of Castignano on Martedí Grasso (Fat Tuesday), you might think the perfectly

December 1 2008 / Places

Pretty in Pink

Ascoli Piceno

On Ascoli Piceno’s much beloved Piazza del Popolo rests the grand dame of the city’s meeting places, the Caffè Meletti.