June 10 2016 / Places

The Streets of Ostuni, Puglia

Ostuni, Puglia

Ostuni: that famous “White City” right down at the heel of Italy in Puglia…. A few weeks ago I visited

June 3 2016 / Local Interest

The Art & Science of Italian Caffè

Lecce, Puglia

Like so many family-owned companies, Quarta Caffè remains where it started in the 1950’s. From a small artisanal roasting factory

April 29 2016 / Local Interest

Carving Out a Tradition in Stone

Lecce, Puglia

One of the many unique features of Lecce is its dramatic architecture. Everywhere you look, you will gaze upon rich

April 6 2016 / Art & Archaeology

Siponto Basilica… redux

Manfredonia, Puglia

Outside Manfredonia, a small coastal town in Puglia on “the spur” of “the boot,” lies Siponto, an ancient port of

March 11 2016 / Local Interest

L’Ulivo Pensieroso

Ginosa, Puglia

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February 12 2016 / Places

Off the Beaten Track in Puglia

Corigliano d'Otranto, Puglia

You’ve probably never heard of the small town of Corigliano d’Otranto located near the town of Lecce in the Salento

July 20 2015 / Local Interest

Puglia + Olive Oil = An Ancient Relationship!

Squinzano, Puglia

60 Million Olive Trees… One for Each of Italy’s 60 Million People… But Who’s Counting? Puglia’s relationship with olive trees

February 20 2015 / Places

Martina Franca: Thank You St. Martin!

Martina Franca, Puglia

The Itria Valley of Puglia holds many treasures worth exploring, not the least of which is the town of Martina

January 20 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Castel del Monte: “The Crown of Stone”

Andria, Puglia

Built in 1240 by Swabian Frederick II Hohenstaufen, the impressive Castel del Monte has views stretching in every direction including

November 20 2014 / Places

Trani: A Saintly Seaside Treasure

Trani, Puglia

Like so many picturesque seaside towns in Puglia, Trani continues to be influenced by its proximity to the rugged Adriatic

September 10 2014 / Local Interest

Grotta Zinzulusa – The Raggedy Cave

Castro, Puglia

South of Lecce along the Salento coast of Puglia, on your way to the very tip of Puglia’s heel, St.

August 6 2014 / Places

Lecce: “Florence of the South”

Lecce, Puglia

Today, Lecce is a candidate for Capital of European Culture in 2019. However, her ancient history and origins date back

June 9 2014 / Places

Gallipoli, the Pearl of the Ionian Sea

Gallipoli, Puglia

Gallipoli, which means “beautiful city” in Greek, lies on Ionian Sea on the western coast of Puglia’s Salentine peninsula. Historically,

March 10 2014 / Places

The White City


As you’re driving through the countryside near Brindisi in Puglia, the long coastal area of the heel of the “boot”,

October 14 2011 / Events

Caught up in a Festa

Copertino, Puglia

Roaming the beautiful towns of Salento is heartwarming. The people, the food, the land are all rich in beauty. One

June 17 2011 / Places

Yours Trulli

Alberobello, Puglia

I recently spent five glorious days revisiting Puglia and one of the places I enjoyed most was Alberobello. That is

May 18 2011 / Places

Vieste – a good day

Vieste, Puglia

The easy days very quickly came to be expected as one ran one into another. Each day deepened euphoria within