April 1 2009 / Uncategorized

Dome Refurbished


While it might be unfortunate for the visitors who will be coming to see it over the next few months,

January 28 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Theodo – Female Bishop?!


Was the Catholic Church always a male-only bastion? Santa Prassede in Rome contains a mosaic of a 9th century episcopa

January 14 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Fountain of the Naiads


Most squares in Rome are pedestrian, so you have a lot of time to linger and relax. Piazza della Repubblica

December 12 2008 / Local Interest

Flow River, Flow…


Last Friday we ran a piece on the Tevere, Rome’s river, showing it in its everyday normal state…. unobtrusively burbling

December 5 2008 / Places

The Tevere Runs Through It


With so much else to see in Rome, the Tevere, the city’s poor and neglected river, rarely gets much attention.

November 17 2008 / Local Interest

Mimes: Silent Voices in Piazza


Yes, it’s true that the magnificent fountains, beautiful architecture and beckoning cafés are what draw visitors to Piazza Navona. However,

October 30 2008 / Local Interest

Just Bits of Stone, is all …


… until you enter “their” space. Stop for a second, block out the noise of the city, forget the crowds

October 20 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Torlonia’s Gardens


Perhaps no one wanted to have anything to do with it given its final tenant (Mussolini called it home in

October 16 2008 / Events

Cappuccino Morning


Any opportunity to have un caffé o un cappuccino and a cornetto (ahem .. more than one actually, in your

October 14 2008 / Places

Through the Keyhole


Trust Lisa to (lawfully) get you in to strictly “no public allowed” off-limits places. You’ve been to the Aventine hill,

October 7 2008 / Local Interest

Aqueducts Revisited


While sitting around the pool of their Roman villa, Fulvio turns to his wife Quintilla and asks, “Now that I

October 3 2008 / Local Interest

Pesky Studenti . . .


Aren’t teenagers supposed to only care about the latest pop-stars and looking cool? Sure enough kids in Italy are no

October 1 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Pantheon and Giving Thanks


No way to tell for sure … figures run from 250 churches within the walls, to about 900 churches throughout

September 25 2008 / Art & Archaeology

For Rent: Palazzo Farnese


An agent’s commission from a long term lease in Italy is a month’s rent from both the owner and the

September 22 2008 / Events

The Papal Audience


“Yup, sorry guys, I don’t think I’ll make the meeting on time. I just saw the Pope duck into a

September 15 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Ponte Sant’Angelo; A Host of Angels


A host of angels on earth? Head over to Ponte Sant’Angelo, the bridge that pilgrims took to visit St.Peter’s basilica

September 10 2008 / Local Interest

San Pietro at Dusk


While walking along the nave to take in the length, width and heights of the building designed by Michelangelo (and

September 3 2008 / Local Interest

Bari, Not The North Pole


Bari is the second largest sea port in Italy, and the ancient inner city is truly lovey! Few know however

September 2 2008 / Food & Wine

The Secret Life of Olive Trees


A lot has been said about olives and most of it has to do with extra virginity. So imagine my

September 1 2008 / Art & Archaeology

The Trevi Fountain: Poli’s Riento


Il rientro (literally, re-entry) is the Italian mass counter-exodus back to the cities after the August summer break. So you

August 14 2008 / Events

The Miracle of the Snow


Snow in Rome? Never! …well, maybe never. According to legend, back in the year 352 A.D. a man named Giovanni

July 31 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Master of his Domain


Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the Brad Pitt of his age. A handsome sculptor, painter, architect and playwright (with at least