July 24 2008 / Food & Wine

Vegetariano anyone?


With the availability of fresh vegetables in all seasons of the year, you would think that there would be a

July 7 2008 / Local Interest

Cloister of Sant’Onofrio


At the top of a small stairs climbing the Gianicolo Hill is a lovely off the beaten path sanctuary-now-church. The

June 23 2008 / Local Interest

San Cosimato, Uncovered


The 10th century entrance to the cloister of San Cosimato is one of those great examples of the “burying” of

June 18 2008 / Local Interest

Oratorio del Gonfalone


The Oratorio del Gonfalone is a rarely visited, off the beaten path secret of Rome. Literally the “Oratory of the

June 16 2008 / Local Interest

The Miracle Players


Of course you’ve seen the Forum, but have you seen the sun set over the ruins while a toga clad

June 9 2008 / Events

The Infiorata

Genzano di Roma

Flowers are surely one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Equally as beautiful is what the people of Genzano can create

June 5 2008 / Food & Wine

Roman Breakfast, Type II


As sacrilegious as it may sound, there actually is a lesser known but equally satisfying alternative to the traditional cappuccino

June 3 2008 / Local Interest

Bougainvillea Season

Rome, Lazio

While certainly not a native Mediterranean plant, the bougainvillea does incredibly well in Italian soil. Given its ubiquity around here

May 21 2008 / Local Interest

The Rose Garden


Just a pretty, silly rose garden, right? In Rome, think again… Tacitus mentions that in the 3rd century b.c., even

May 20 2008 / Food & Wine

Pasta ai Fiori . . with Flowers


My girlfriends have come through for me once again. Paid a high price though . . . they cackled at

May 9 2008 / Local Interest

The Other Rome


While Rome is certainly not a city that one ever tires of admiring, after a while a sense of familiarity

April 28 2008 / Events

A New Tradition?


While hardly risking life and limb, your humble editor did reach the front and place himself in the line-of-fire like

April 24 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Aesculapius and the Tiber Island


In The Early History of Rome Livy writes . . . When Rome was harassed by pestilence, (about 300 BC)

April 21 2008 / Local Interest

Ponte Milvio


The first reference to Ponte Milvio (Milvius’ Bridge) dates back to 200 B.C., when it was still made of wood.

April 11 2008 / Art & Archaeology

The Domus Ceciliae


Given the intimate feel of the place, Domus Ceciliae would best be translated as “Ceci’s house”. One of those custom

April 4 2008 / Local Interest

A Very Roman Resting Place


When the sun, heat, and crowds of the usual sights become overwhelming, there is a little known place in Rome

April 1 2008 / Local Interest

Urban Planning?


Of all the misguided projects and endeavors that Mussolini drummed up and initiated, perhaps the most mind-boggling yet lesser known

December 3 2007 / Local Interest

4 Million Wondrous Autumn Starlings


Like clockwork the storni (starlings) show up every fall on their migratory path to warmer climates. And like clockwork each

November 30 2007 / Local Interest

Mancini’s Handmade Shoes


Their bottega, tucked in a side alley off of Via Coronari near Piazza Navona, is as unpretentious as it gets.

November 26 2007 / Local Interest

Cat Sanctuary


Roman cats are celebrities all over the world thanks to the attention they get from visitors at the city’s ancient

November 7 2007 / Food & Wine

Antico Forno Roscioli


In Italy, pretty much all stores that deal with food are by definition what elsewhere one would call a gourmet

October 26 2007 / Food & Wine

Tram Belcanto: Not Your Usual Ride


Well . . . Rome’s public transportation system is not exactly known for its . . ahem, strict adherence to