March 19 2009 / Events

Festa di San Giuseppe

Marina di Ragusa

After Mass, on today’s Festa di San Giuseppe, a marching band leads the faithful through the town stopping at homes

March 12 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Greeks in Sicily


A tour in Sicily is a lesson in Greek history. We are told there are almost as many Greek ruins

March 9 2009 / Food & Wine

La Vucciria


Exploring the side streets and food markets in Italy is one way to get a feel for Italian daily life.

December 9 2008 / Places

Salina: Aeolian Gem


Salina, one of the seven volcanic Aeolian islands off the north coast of Sicily, may be familiar to film buffs

July 30 2008 / Local Interest

Le Saline of Trapani


The Saline (salt farms or beds) of Trapani are it’s reason for being . . hints in legends suggest that

June 4 2008 / Places

The Ruins of Ancient Tindari

Tindari, Sicily

Tindari, ancient Tyndaris, is 60 km from Messina and sits above the Tyrrhenian Sea over the Gulf of Patti and

May 28 2008 / Art & Archaeology

The Fountain of Shame


As you’re wandering around the heart of Palermo, arancino in hand perhaps, or between granita breaks, you will stumble upon

May 23 2008 / Local Interest

The Taormina Approach


Have you noticed how relaxed and happy the Taorminesi seem to be? Something in the water, the air? Could it

April 17 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Messina’s Unique Bell Tower


Someone obviously pushed for something with bit more punch than the standard dlin dlon (yes, in Italian bells make this