September 25 2012 / Local Interest

Tobacco, Gift From the New World

Piegaro, Umbria

Three of the main crops in Umbria are olives, wine grapes and tobacco, which also rotate with wheat and sunflowers.

September 20 2012 / Local Interest

Dancing the Liscio in the Piazza

San Terenziano, Umbria

The annual festa in San Terenziano was in full swing, July 27th to August 5th. Reinvigorated ten years ago by

August 7 2012 / Events

Time Travel to Medieval Days

Piegaro, Umbria

Every August Piegaro goes back to its 15th Century heritage as a glassmaking village when the Prince and Princess of

July 27 2012 / Places

The Horizontal Watermill

Citta’ di Castello, Umbria

The Serafini family has a watermill that runs through their house. Literally. Unlike vertical watermills, theirs is horizontal… the water

July 23 2012 / Food & Wine

Pici or Stringozzi?


You will quickly learn when you visit Umbria or Tuscany, that pici are a hot topic! In Tuscany around Siena,

July 18 2012 / Local Interest

The Bee Whisperer

Fabrecce, Umbria

A loud humming noise was coming from around the corner, and sure enough, there was a swarm of thousands… tens

July 10 2012 / Local Interest

Giugno, la falce in pugno…

Assisi, Umbria

“June, scythe in fist” says the old Italian proverb, re-echoing the days of scything hay manually. Times have changed… at

July 3 2012 / Local Interest

Cocksure in Orvieto

Orvieto, Umbria

One could write odes to the Orvieto roosters, those hand painted ceramic pitchers that prance across the shelves of most

June 26 2012 / Local Interest

Rita Rossi and goat cheese

Colforcella di Cascia, Umbria

(…part of this series) Flavio fired up his black and white Mini one day and we headed out into the

June 21 2012 / Events

An Explosion of Flowers

Piegaro. Umbria

One of the most beautiful and passionate days for you to be in the medieval town of Piegaro, nestled among

June 14 2012 / Food & Wine

Local Cuisine in the Land of Plenty

Norcia, Umbria

What kind of challenge is it to practice chilometro zero (local) provisioning in Norcia, Umbria, where the daily fare includes

June 13 2012 / Food & Wine

Gallina Vecchia…

Assisi, Umbria

Gallina vecchia fa’ buon brodo! “An old hen makes a good broth,” says an old Italian adage, lauding the wisdom of

June 7 2012 / Local Interest

Oh, My! What a Fiasco!

Piegaro, Umbria

In some circles a fiasco is an utter and humiliating failure. In the glassmaking village of Piegaro it is a

June 1 2012 / Events


San Terenziano, Umbria

La porchetta, (pronounced por-KET-ta) noble street food of Umbria and central Italy in general, stars in the Porchettiamo festival. Best

May 18 2012 / Events

Narni: Medieval May Passione

Narni, Umbria

During the first three days of May In the 14th century, Narni town criers called young riders to join in

May 15 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Carta Marmorizzata

Orvieto, Umbria

(…cont’d from here) Evidence of marbled paper has never been found in China, but authentication of the oldest known method

May 14 2012 / Local Interest

The Story of Paper

Orvieto, Umbria

Lamberto Bernardini’s papermaking studio sits very near where Orvieto’s commanding cathedral casts its afternoon shadow. I came to meet with

May 8 2012 / Events

La Balestra

Assisi, Umbria

In Umbria, you know spring is in the air when the balestrieri (“cross-bowers”) compete in the piazzas seated behind their

May 7 2012 / Art & Archaeology

The Majolica Man

Deruta, Umbria

Since the early Middle Ages Deruta has been the centre of the production of majolica (maiolica). Majolica is no ordinary

April 10 2012 / Events

Medieval Street Theater on the Move

Assisi, Umbria

Countless religious customs – and innumerable processions in particular – are rooted in medieval street theater. Assisi’s Holy Thursday and

March 29 2012 / Events

Spellbound in Spello

Spello, Umbria

“Bello Spello, vero?”, an elderly woman asks me as she polishes her brass doorknob to a gleam. Above her head,

March 26 2012 / Local Interest

Little Shop of Miracles

Orvieto, Umbria

In Italian, terracotta artisan Alberto Bellini’s cognome (family name) can be loosely translated to mean “little beauties”. It’s really the

February 27 2012 / Food & Wine

Carnevale: Strufoli and Other Pleasures


Carnevale festivities tie to celebrations of over two thousand years ago, the Roman Saturnali latini, days of a permitted transgression