February 22 2012 / Events

Immoveable Feast

Otricoli, Umbria

San Giuseppe was a friar born in the town of Leonessa in the early 1600s, and a member of the

February 16 2012 / Art & Archaeology

The writing on the wall

Spoleto, Umbria

Spoleto’s walls were built, torn down, re-built, demolished, repaired, and re-placed many times over the course of history. Umbrii, Romans,

February 8 2012 / Places


Collepino, Umbria

With the recent snow, the roads to Collepino will be impassable. Maybe not the last of the many castle-villages in

January 31 2012 / Local Interest

Buono come il pane – II


(…cont’d from here) After sweeping, Mandina wiped the white hot bricks with a damp rag to remove any remaining ash,

January 30 2012 / Local Interest

Buono come il pane


“As good as bread” is how the Italians describe a good-hearted, generous person. For the Greeks, bread was “the food

January 25 2012 / Places

Museo della Memoria

Assisi, Umbria

It’s easy to forget, in this religiously homogeneous land where politics, education, holidays, foods, and given names all seem to

January 19 2012 / Local Interest

Sant’Antonio and the Malocchio


Years ago when we farmed here in Umbria, an image of Sant’Antonio hung in every oxen stall – and his

January 12 2012 / Local Interest

Il Calendario del Sale


Onions and salt to predict the weather in the New Year? Over our years on the land, I’ve learned how

December 5 2011 / Food & Wine

Ringraziamento, Then and Now


In the years we worked the land, we killed one of our own turkeys for the feast.  Pino did the

November 16 2011 / Local Interest

San Martino, Castagne e Vino II


(cont’d from here..) Umbria welcomes in the Feast of St. Martin with the saying “San Martino, San Martino, castagne e

July 25 2011 / Local Interest

Making Shade

Porano, Umbria

-We are republishing this note in fond memory of Lisa Finerty, friend first and foremost, and ItalianNotebook contributor. Our thoughts

July 5 2011 / Places

Ring around the Rock

Orvieto, Umbria

Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, Mecca. All mystical and sacred places where one can find peace in their

June 15 2011 / Events

The Corteo Storico of Corpus Domini

Orvieto, Umbria

Each June, the city is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Everyone is out in full force, enthusiastically preparing for this

September 20 2010 / Food & Wine

Funghi-Time in Umbria

Assisi, Umbria

In the late 70’s when we farmed our land, I often went mushrooming with my contadina (farmwoman) neighbors. When warm

July 29 2010 / Food & Wine

Peppa’s Panzanella

Pian della Pieve, Umbria

In the Mediterranean world – and diet – bread is not only the “staff of life, it approaches sacrality. There

July 21 2010 / Local Interest

Sant’Emiliano’s Olive Tree

Bovara, Umbria

An olive tree somewhere in Umbria purported to be 1,700 hundred years old? The oldest olive tree in the region?

July 9 2010 / Events

Flowers of Passione

Spello, Umbria

It all started on a late June Sunday in the early 1900’s when an elderly woman from Spello (Umbria) scattered

June 30 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Brozzetti Textiles

Perugia, Umbria

As in the case of an endangered species, the probability of spotting the traditional art of Umbrian weaving in its

June 24 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Umbrian Tiles

Castelviscardo, Umbria

“Here we still do everything by hand, placing the pieces in the wood fired kiln one by one. That’s 20,000

June 22 2010 / Events

Acqua di San Giovanni


No morning wash is more glorious than that of Umbria’s rural people on the morning of June 24th. On June

June 7 2010 / Events

La Palombella

Orvieto, Umbria

Celebrated in Piazza del Duomo at noon on the day of Pentecost, the 50th day following Easter, the feast of

June 4 2010 / Food & Wine

Peppa’s Pasta Primavera


Unusually hot this year and the wild asparagus just keeps coming! Years ago Kerchiefed farmwomen would sell bunches of the

August 4 2009 / Events

Rafting Beneath Waterfalls

Marmore Falls, Umbria

Lovers of central Italy usually flock to Assisi (St. Francis), Orvieto (great white wine) or Perugia (chocolate, among other treasures).

July 17 2009 / Places



If you happen to be in Umbria between the end of May and into July, head for the hills (or