To Luxurious Heights

February 5, 2014 / Places
Anacapri, Campania

The island of Capri has been hyped and glamorized into oblivion, like so many once-secret getaways of big-name Hollywood stars. All the buzz and mystique around Capri give it a larger-than-life, almost unattainable quality. What they say about Capri is true, and it actually does live up to the label of being one of the most beautiful places on earth. The good thing is that you don’t need to be as rich as Bill Gates or a famous pop-star to experience the lush island. In fact, some of Capri’s most appealing features come free as you step off the ferry – that is if you’re looking for a little adventure.

Pack yourself into a crowded bus and take a precarious ride to the left side of the island, Anacapri. Up narrow roads and teetering on the edge of steep cliffs, the quake of the bus beneath you will soon be forgotten when you take in the incredible expansive views.

Continue your thrill ride by taking a tiny one-person chairlift to the highest point on the island. Feel as if you’re floating among the clouds while sitting on the observation deck, viewing the expansive turquoise blue water and tiny white-speckled villages on the coasts.


With the change left in your pocket, you can enjoy a gelato and a stroll, window shopping and studying the details of the white-washed homes and the colorful vegetation, such as the native pink Capri roses.

You can spend very little in Capri and in turn, get the tropical, glamorous, outrageously beautiful Capri adventure and feel like a celebrity yourself. (That is, until you brave the bus ride back down!)


– Contributed by Nicole Colantonio from Prof.Geoghegan’s Travel Writing Class, John Cabot University, Rome. Nicole is a senior at Stonehill College, studying Communications and English. In her spare time outside of travel, Nicole enjoys reading and writing as well as studying culture and human geography. Nicole is proud to be a cancer survivor, enjoys being with her family, blogging, traveling, knitting and playing video games.

5 Responses to “To Luxurious Heights”

  1. Gale in CT

    Your note brought back pleasant memories of my own visit to Capri. Grazie.

  2. Well done, Nicole. You really gave us our money’s worth on this ride. Thanks for the Note. Must remember to follow your suggestion next time on Capri, when I’m feeling brave.

  3. Linda Boccia

    Capri and Anacapri are both places in the same vicinity that I have not seen. I will take your suggestion to find the one person chairlift and go t0 the highest island point. As for being a cancer survivor, you go girl!!!! Seven years and counting on many for me as well and you will be exploring all of Italy over the many years of your life. Brava, well done.

  4. Jackie Buonocore Ferriso

    You can also stop at the Buonocore family restaurant and pizzeria just off the ferry pier and the gelateria above. They are distant cousins and we visited several years ago.


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