A Child’s View of Assisi

May 13, 2013 / Places
Assisi, Umbria
assisi-children1Children have a particular perspective and experience of Assisi. Follow along seeing this beloved UNESCO World Heritage Site through the eyes of children.

First we hear the story of St. Francis, best told walking down the path at San Damiano beside the bronze statue of that humble saint gazing across the Valle Umbra.

Then the little Chapel of San Damiano, perfectly preserved, that Francis rebuilt with his own hands.
We climb the small stone steps worn smooth by millions of visitors to see Saint Clare’s garden and the room where she slept with her sisters and wonder what it would be like to live inside for our whole life.

assisi-children4Next, let’s go almost up to the top of Mount Subasio to Eremo dei Carceri, where Francis loved to sleep on a rock buried deep within a grotto. The monastery has tiny stairs and doorways just our size!

We wander all the paths to see where Francis preached to the animals in an amphitheater now filled with offering of handmade crosses of twigs and grass. We all want to make our own cross and read Francis’ lyrical poem “Canticle to the Creatures”.

Now, it will be time to find some sweets, so we go into the town of Assisi, lingering in shops filled with toys!

Oh, just take a look at all these pastries, giant meringues and candy!

Now we can climb on the fountain in the Piazza del Comune and visit the Roman Minerva’s Temple.

Exploring the warren of small streets we hear a woodworker singing opera and we watch him carve a big picture frame.

After all those stairs to see where Francis was buried in the Basilica, it must be time to finish our day at a playground! Thanks for joining us in Assisi.




Colleen Simpson

by Colleen Simpson

Colleen followed a long-held dream and made a home in Piegaro, which is a pristine medieval glass-making village south of Lago Trasimeno in Umbria. She is the innkeeper at www.anticavetreria.net.

6 Responses to “A Child’s View of Assisi”

  1. O, to be ablee to follow in the footsteps of a child of Assisi and along the paths that our beloved seraphic father francis traveled would be one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

  2. Oh, Colleen, how lovely…having been to Assisi several times and followed all of these footsteps, it was delightful to return with you and the children…Grazie! Victoria

  3. Colleen Simpson

    Each visit with children brings me such great joy as it is through the eyes of children that we remain closest to God and the spirit of our beloved St. Francis. Francis was a fool for God and children bring out the foolishness in all of us, if we but take the time to see through their eyes. Thank you for your appreciation of my little note.

  4. Malinda

    Thank you for taking time out to write and post such great happy photos.
    I felt the experience – thank you!

  5. I loved your article and your photos. Assisi is my favorite place to be. The whole of Umbria is my favorite. Thank you.


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