Il Buco di Roma: Go Ahead, Take a Peek

October 16, 2007 / Local Interest
Rome, Lazio

Peeping through any other keyhole is considered rude (and might lead to trouble), but there is one in Rome that substitutes sheepishness for awe, and guilt for beauty. Ill Buco di Roma is on one of the seven hills, a bit of a walk, at its best at dusk, but well worth it… Go ahead, don’t feel guilty, everyone peeks.

Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta on the Aventine Hill… quite a sight. Swing by the Giardino degli Aranci while you’re up there, one of the great views of Rome, although be careful to not get locked inside (a story for another time!)

By the way, ever wonder what was on the other side?


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

2 Responses to “Il Buco di Roma: Go Ahead, Take a Peek”

  1. Alex Cicchinelli

    That’s the best picture I have ever seen of that peephole. Numerous vistors of mine have tried but they don’t come near your shot. Congratulations.

    The last time I was there a dressed Cavaliere helped wanderng tourists find the peephole.

    I take people there. Then we pass through the cemetery with its terrific views, down the steps, and enter the church with the Bocca della Verità. The church itself and its museum are much overlooked in my experience.

  2. Andrika Brown

    Dio mio, who is Lisa and how can she get me in??? I’ve always wanted to visit that garden. They also have a beautiful pool – pretty remarkable for a contemplative property.


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