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Buscemi, Sicily
buscemi1Buscemi is a little town, spread across a craggy hill about equal distance from Siracusa and Ragusa in southeast Sicily. It is home to the Museo dei Luoghi del Lavoro Contadino (Museum of the Places of the Farmers and Country Life/Work). Or rather, Buscemi is the museum.

Instead of housing all the artifacts in a separate building, the town decided to protect and maintain the actual places were people lived and worked, in their original state so that one can visit an olive press, a wine press, a carpenter’s shop, the blacksmith, shoemaker, tinker, dish-repairer, a barn for the animals and two different homes: a one-room house where 6 people lived, amazingly until the 1960s; buscemi2and one of a wealthier, “middle-class” farmer with more “conveniences” and four full rooms.

Peering inside these spaces was like stepping into the past and I could imagine my great-grandparents living in the one-room house – 12 square meters, with a double bed for the parents with a cloth baby cradle swaying over it, sleeping space above for the girls and on the floor for the boys, a small fireplace for warmth and cooking – looking towards America and imagining a more prosperous life. Unfortunately photographs are not permitted inside the museum buildings but visit their website to read more about it (in English) and see some photos: www.museobuscemi.org

There is also a small museum displaying Sicilian art & crafts, beautiful painted carts, paintings, ceramics, terracotta and wood-carved figures.



Rosemary and Bob Connelly

by Rosemary and Bob Connelly

Artists who fulfilled their dream to “Live Cheap and Make Art” in Italy. Their website www.livecheapmakeart.com showcases their watercolors and photographs.

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  1. Lynda Higgs

    Thank you for this fascinating note, Rosemary and Bob. This is one of the reasons I love living in Italy and visiting “off-the-beaten-track places like this. On reading the town’s name I did (apropos of nothing) wonder if the actor Steve Buscemi’s family came from here.

  2. Paula (Giangreco) Cullison

    I start each day with ItalianNotebook and a cup of coffee.
    What could be better!!! Thank you for this article. Rosemary and Bob are my kind of travelers. Now I have another reason to return to
    la bella Sicilia, birthplace of my parents.

  3. Gian Banchero

    It’s towns as such that I now visit when in Italy and Sicily, towns that rarely see a tourist, towns that still live to an ancient pace where one hears people talking in their homes or on the street (ah, and the scent of food cooking!), church bells, children playing, ETERNAL SOUNDS. Who needs the the 21st century 24/7? Thank you Rosemary and Bob for this morning’s visit to the Sicily I love so much.

  4. Nathan Rund

    Spent a year in Comiso, Sicily mid 80’s wow ! what a wonderful place in and around the med. Hope to see it again someday.

  5. Mark Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi’s is an adopted stepson of a Buscemi family.
    Most of the Buscemi’s that I’m familiar with come from Syracusa
    and Palermo.

  6. Awww I love Buscemi so much.
    I spent every single school holiday there from 5 til about 18, lots of my friends are from there and I go back every year as we own the house on the main piazza. Such lovely pictures, thanks :))


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