Cirella on Riviera dei Cedri

February 26, 2015 / Places
Cirella, Calabria

Nestled into the heart of La Riviera dei Cedri, Cirella is a seaside town on Calabria’s northern Tyrrhenian coast. This beautiful coastline takes its name from the ancient cultivation of the cedro, a large citrus fruit commonly called citron in English. The cedri not only perfume the air but flavor many local dishes and liqueurs.


Like many towns along the Riveria dei Cedri, Cirella is a popular summer spot. The water is exquisite and from the beach you can enjoy the view of Cirella Island just off the coastline.


Perched atop the island are the ruins of a military fort built in the 1500s to prevent attacks from Turkish pirates but the island’s history is believed to go back even further due to artifacts found dating back to Greek and Roman times.


Cirella and Cirella Island along the Riviera dei Cedri may both be small, yet as you can imagine from these images, they make a huge impression on anyone who visits.

Image Credits (grazie a tutti!):  Carmen Guarascio, PhotolabXL, Aurelio Candido, Anthony Pucci, Eugenio Magurno,


Cherrye Moore

by Cherrye Moore

Cherrye Moore is owner of My Bella Vita Travel, a boutique tour operator specializing in custom vacations and heritage tours in southern Italy. Join her in June or September for the Small Group Heritage Tour of Calabria – a unique small group tour that combines group travel with a private heritage tour, or in September for the Undiscovered Southern Calabria and Eastern Sicily Tour.


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  1. Beautiful photos, Cherrye, thank you! Also, I would love a whole post about cedro/citron. This is the first I’ve heard that it’s a real fruit, on its own, and not something manufactured from some other fruit. Wondering how large it is, what color it is, what the trees look like, and whether people also eat it raw like we eat grapefruits and oranges.

  2. Cheryl Rasile


    There is a wonderful post about the Citron fruit posted earlier. Just use the search button at the top and put in citron. Hope you enjoy!!!!

  3. Good Lord that’s gorgeous! Thanks for opening my eyes to this beautiful place. I agree with the previous comment that I’d love to know more about the cedro!

  4. Anne Cirella-Urrutia

    Will make my name (from my father Angelo Cirella born in Pomarica, MT) more beautiful than EVER.


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