A Hidden Gondola

January 29, 2013 / Places
Mezzocorona, Trentino Alto-Adige
mezzocorona near TrentoA friend and I were in the Dolomites, on our way to a winery near Trento, and were gasping at the gorgeous scenery around every bend. When we came upon the pretty town of Mezzocorona we decided we must stop and explore. After watching – or rather, listening to – a local soccer game, we noticed hikers with sticks walking towards us.

walkers coming down from mezzacorona smallSure enough, if we squinted and focused, we could see a speck of a gondola hanging between the ground and the top of the bluff (can you see the top gondola station in the photo with the hikers?) – which was many vertical feet away.

An adventure! We found the bottom of the gondola, bought tickets, and set out to explore the wilderness at the top; which was, as in many places in Italy, not wilderness at all. We followed a well-marked hiking trail, then sat in the sun with a drink on an outdoor patio, basking in our not-exactly-secret find.

mezzocorona gondola

top of mezzocorona trails

albergo 3 cime at top of mezzocorona

by Madeline Jhawar

Madeline is the owner of Italy Beyond the Obvious, and creates Italy itineraries for independent travelers.

14 Responses to “A Hidden Gondola”

  1. After having traveled to Italy twice and seeing the routine “tourist” spots… this is the Italy I want to see and explore!

    • Angela Italy casts you under her spell with the first couple visits and then keeps people engaged for decades because of these types of corners doesn’t it!

  2. This is what I like most about Italy. No matter where you are there are magical places waiting to be explored!

    • Laurie – me too! Mezzocorona was not a stop on our original itinerary at all, but it was a wonderful detour (and made us very late for an appointment so we got lost in the wrong valley next to Lake Garda in the dark because of it, but that’s another Note!)

  3. Anita Iaconangelo
    Anita Iaconangelo

    Madeline- I also love the Dolomites, but you have written of a place I don’t know, so will put it on my list of trails to walk, and of course, where to stop for a drink (or two). Thanks for the lovely post, Anita

  4. Madeline – Wonderful, the serendipities of travel! When I was in the Dolomites in summer (in a different area), we even encountered snow on our gondola ride. Thank you for sharing a new place to visit! Victoria

    • Victoria the serendipities of travel are the best part aren’t they. I hope you got a photo of you in the summer (in summer clothes?) in the snow!

  5. Si, Madeleine, the serendipities are the best! And, I did get a photo, bundled up and of my sandalled feet (with socks on!) It was chilly, too. Your gondola ride looks far more comfortable!


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