Magical, Mysterious Bosa

February 2, 2010 / Places
Bosa, Sardegna

bosa1Blue. Pink. Yellow. Green. Violet. Mauve. Rust. Wow, a true feast for the eyes! All it takes is a passegiata through amazing Bosa on the western coast of Sardegna – a quiet river town along the banks of the River Temo. The crumbling, narrow medieval lanes are lined with homes washed in dazzling color.

bosa2In the early morning there is still a chill in the air. The sunlight, filtering down between the gaps in the tall buildings lining the lanes, creates an air of spookiness amongst the riot of color. A few sets of eyes peer out from behind beaded curtains. Magical and mysterious Bosa.

If you find yourself on the western shores of Sardegna, Bosa is not to be missed. Serravalle hill up top is a wonderful perch from which to contemplate the legend of the Castle, where two lovers were hurled off the precipice by the spurned king. Legend has it that the two lovers still remain and it is possible to hear their lament. As you wander through the narrow enchanted lanes of Bosa, be sure to listen for their cry!

– Contributed by Michele Becci, regular Italy traveler, foodie, and blogger at

3 Responses to “Magical, Mysterious Bosa”

  1. Frank Scaramella

    A very beautiful note with great pictures that should invite or interest a lot of your readers to go there and enjoy the place.To me ,the thyrrenian coast side form north to the southern most pint is still the most atrractive,maybe because I spent most of my summers there,due to my birthplace.

  2. Gian Banchero

    How can one live in this beautiful setting and not be a poet? I’m sure the warmth of the buildings reflect the warmth of the people. Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs, they’ll warm me through the rest of this cold winter day.


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