Maremma National Park Cycling

September 20, 2011 / Places
Alberese, Tuscany
Driving and cycling in Italy is not everybody’s cup of tea. Nevertheless most visitors venture for renting a car when visiting the Tuscan hinterland as public transport can often be worse than the chaotic driving! Talk about cycling the Tuscan hills, however, and most people will wonder whether you’re slightly insane…understandably!

In a country lacking cycling paths, it comes as a surprise that Southern Tuscany sports 8km of a perfectly safe pista ciclabile through one of its most untouched landscapes. Unless you prefer walking, there is no better way to discover the fascinating fauna and flora of the Maremma National Park.

Last time I rented a bike for the day to get to the park’s stunning beach, three tiny wild boars crossed our way; kids and adults alike were beside themselves with excitement! But even if you are not quite as lucky, the beautiful pine trees, the elegant breed of Maremmani horses and the stoic wide-horned Maremma cows make for an impressive sight.

The glorious finale to the cycling path is the arrival at the sea – what better place to park a bicycle?


Find out more about the Maremma National Park, as well as its beach and lovely beach huts!


Katja Meier

by Katja Meier

Katja Meier, Swiss miss for anything Tuscan – wine, food, culture, art and beaches – basically anything that will sort out that Renaissance hangover. She blogs about  Southern Tuscany in general and Siena and Montalcino in particular. 

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  1. is among the best resources for learning about Italy before you even set foot on a plane to go there. One of their daily emails alerted me to getting tickets for the tour of the restoration of the St. Francis Basilica in Assisi before arriving at the basilica. A cherished moment thanks to Italian Notebook.

  2. Frank "ciccio" Vitale

    Thank you, We would love to go back,to Italy again, we had a great time. Air plain service has to be not as expensive.

  3. Mairin O'Mahony

    I just revisited “Ladri di bicicletti” for an Italian class on Italian film. This upbeat view of cycling restores my spirits after re-watching this heart-wrenching movie. Good timing! Thank you!

    Apropos di film: does anyone remember a De Sica movie made in the late 40s or early 50s called Il Capitano? De Sica plays a seasick-prone fisherman who somehow manages to sink an English ship and win the approval of the Germans who rake him aboard a huge battleship and impress him with its magnificence. I can’t find it on any filmography of De Sica either as director or actor (I believe he directed the movie as well as playig il capitano). Anyone????

  4. giuseppe spano (jojo)
    giuseppe spano (jojo)

    Mairin O’Mahony please see check ‘Bicycle Thieves’
    it’s about $10


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