Montefalco – the Green Heart of Italy

June 24, 2015 / Places
Montefalco, Umbria

19th century poet, Giosué Carducci, called Umbria il cuor verde d’Italia, the green heart of Italy. As the only landlocked region in Italy, with neither a coastline or a border with a foreign country, and known for it’s verdant hills and valleys, picturesque medieval hill towns, unique cuisine and wines, it is indeed at Italy’s heart.


At the center of this green heart is Montefalco, also known as “la ringhiera dell’Umbria”, “the balcony of Umbria”. A picturesque medieval hill town, it is perched on top of a steep hill dominating two large valleys with spectacular panoramic views of the glorious cuor verde d’Italia.

Montefalco - medieval gate Victoria

Entering the 12th century medieval walls, with its cobbled streets, charming piazza and frescoed churches, you will find Montefalco to be welcoming, easy to explore and far less touristy than many of her neighbors.

As with so many of Italy’s hill towns, Montefalco has a full complement of churches and historical monuments worth visiting. The main piazza, Piazza del Commune, offers the perfect starting point and is also the perfect place to linger and be seduced by its quiet charm while sipping a glass of vino or aperitivo at a local caffe’ or enoteca.

Montefalco - main piazza Victoria

Montefalco is well-known for many things including its religious art, frescoes and paintings by prominent Umbrian artists, including Perugino and Gozzoli, which adorn the walls of its many churches and sanctuaries.

Montefalco - sites Victoria
Montefalco - sites Victoria

Part of this area’s wine trail, Strada del Sagrantino, Montefalco is reknown for its high quality red wines, particularly its local Sagrantino, the perfect accompaniment to delicious local specialties. Your palate will be pleased with the wide variety of salami, grilled meats and game, fresh local produce, and specialties. (Did I mention the spectacular virgin olive oil and truffles?)
This piccola città has so much to offer. You’ll be glad you came! Maybe you’ve lost your heart already?

(Many thanks to Deanna Keahy CC BY-ND 2.0, Nina Volare CC BY-SA 2.0, Bram Hall CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, for the use of their images; the street with flowers, the two views of the countryside, and the beautiful fresco of the Madonna and Child respectively.)

Montefalco - linens Victoria

Montefalco -Victoria
Montefalco - enoteca Victoria
Montefalco - local cuisine Victoria
Montefalco -wine Victoria
Montefalco - charm - Victoria


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23 Responses to “Montefalco – the Green Heart of Italy”

  1. Anne Robichaud

    Thanks / and enjoyed especially seeing those wonderful flower pots in Piazza del Comune – reminders of some of the folksy touches in so many Umbrian hill towns

  2. Looks like a beautiful area to visit. Thanks for sharing a slice of Umbria Victoria!

    • Victoria De Maio

      Grazie, Joe,
      It is indeed a very lovely area with so many nearby medieval hill towns, beautiful countryside and (of course) exquisite cuisine and vino!

  3. Alison Fife

    The only landlocked region? Lombardia? Piemonte? Trentino-Alto Adige? Val d’Aosta?

    • GB

      …”only landlocked region in Italy, with neither a coastline or a border with a foreign country, and known for it’s verdant…”

  4. Ah, Montefalco and Sagrantino! Truly one of my favorite places. And I was so glad to see the photo of Tessatura Pardi — Augusta’s textiles are magic, no?

  5. What lovely pictures of the town, looks like a wonderful place to stop/stay and visit with the townspeople, looks very quiet, hasn’t been discovered yet by the tourists, which makes it a pleasure to sit and have a glass of vino or cup of espresso. I’m traveling to Milan in September and the lakes region, plus Cinque Terra, am so looking forward to it.

    Lucile Stachowiak

    • Victoria De Maio

      It is lovely and definitely “off the beaten track” – making it all the more charming!
      Hope you get there one day! I’m looking forward to returning in fall….

  6. Linda Boccia

    The grape Sagrantino is planted mostly exclusively around the town. It is a delicious robust red with lots of berry fruits and in Italy a dark color. We have a California version at the Italian winery that I work for and it too is delicious. It is not frequently planted in the U.S., but gaining in popularity.

    • Mary Baum

      What winery are you referring to here in the US? I live in Sonoma County and have been to the above tasting event in Montefalco. Incredible.

  7. Marie Giacalone

    Be still my heart- what gorgeous photos! Thank you so much :^).

  8. wonderful pictures. i want to go.
    one small item: there is no apostrophe in the possessive, only the contraction for “it is”. sorry, i used to be a proof reader in another life……

    • Victoria De Maio

      You are so welcome Mary- thank you for the typo correction – and I would love for you to come with me this fall :D. Taking a small group in September and fall will be spectacular!

  9. Aah…Montefalco! Adored our visit there…best EVOO from Romanelli…sure wish I could get another bottle! And the Sagrantino was and is a favourite of ours…we actually found a bottle in a London wine shop that specializes in Italian wines and brought the wine home with us as it’s nearly impossible to find here…I highly recommend a visit to Montefalco and Umbria! Can smell the fragrance of truffles from here!

    • Victoria De Maio

      Ciao Phyllis! Grazie for taking the time to comment – love that you enjoyed Montefalco and Umbria for that matter! Ah, yes, those truffles….mmmmm…

  10. Anita Fiorini

    Even though I don’t send comments, I want you to know I really enjoy everything on your website. The villages are beautiful, especially today’s village. Please show some village in Reggio Calabria. Thank you.

    • Victoria De Maio

      Prego…Glad you love Italian Notebook – I’m sure our Editor, GB, saw your message and will work on something from Reggio Calabria.

  11. Lina Falcone

    It sounds great hope to visit next I go to Italy. Grazie


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