THE Sunday Passegiata

November 18, 2008 / Events
The passeggiata is an Italian institution, but one of its most charming versions has to be the stroll from Santa Lucia to Mergellina and beyond. It’s even better on Sunday mornings when traffic is banished and gives way to bicycles, quadracycles and those slow bumper car scooters the children love.

There are rituals, of course. Caffé or gelato along the way. Counting the padlocks of love fixed forever to the lampposts, their keys locked in the sea below. Counting the lovers themselves, who walk entwined.

…and perhaps at the Borgo Marinari, counting the kids back into the boat.

It’s Sunday morning, the sea sparkles, there’s not a scooter or car in sight; distant sailboats are strings of bunting on the horizon.

É Napoli? Si si.

Penny Ewles-Bergeron

by Penny Ewles-Bergeron

Author, artist… celebrating the many good things in Naples.

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