Ostuni’s Coast

May 15, 2008 / Places
So how do miles of untouched coast, ancient olive groves right up against the sea, and hardly a person around sound? This is the northernmost part of the Salento area, on the Adriatic coast, between Bari and Brindisi. While the city of Ostuni is only about 5 miles away, head either north or south once you reach the shore and soon you’ll be completely on your own. Pick one of the many coves for yourself and enjoy it for the day.

The entire coast is dotted with old Torri (watchtowers), such as Torre Egnazia, Torre Canne, Torre San Leonardo, Torre Santa Sabina, and others, all built as a defense system against attacks from the sea. While they have become lovely small beach towns, it is the untouched space in between that is truly breathtaking.

If you’re feeling adventurous, buy a pair of rubber sandals locally to get in and out of the water easily, you’ll know which ones when you see them . . between the towns there are few beaches, just miles of scogli, sea rocks and cliffs made of the ubiquitous local limestone that tumble into the water . . . all to yourself.

These wonderful photos are courtesy of Cariddi Nardulli, thank you!

by Alejandra Fabris

— Contributed by Alejandra Fabris, writer, American University of Rome Senior, Italian Notebook Editorial Intern.

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