VideoNote: Windy Walk at Punta Falcone

May 30, 2014 / Places
Salivoli, Tuscany


Dear friends, building on the success of the most recent VideoNote, “Pedalling to the Past”, we are making today’s VideoNote open to the entire readership as well.

As you are aware by now, ItalianNotebook has been experimenting with this new format. It’s a lot of work, but we too feel it’s worth it. And, in offering this extra content and format to our readers, we hope to draw in a little bit of capital that will help us promote and improve the website. Barbara Goldfield (of Savour the Sannio) and I have made the VideoNotes so far and we’re so glad you’re enjoying them. For this we once again thank all those who have donated… and any who might! (Here’s the support page.)


We are going to the let the VideoNote speak for itself. The first half consists of still images, the second half is video. The “soundtrack” is the wind that day.

Punta Falcone is just off of Piombino, facing the Tuscan archipelago. The large island in the background of the VideoNote is Elba. Corsica showed its profile later on that day when the sun was setting, but wasn’t visible when the VideoNote was shot.

The macchia mediterranea (maquis, shrubland) blooms in April. Enjoy!


Sixth in our new series of original VideoNotes:

A Windy Walk at Punta Falcone

The Macchia Mediterranea in Bloom



by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

11 Responses to “VideoNote: Windy Walk at Punta Falcone”

  1. Lynn Michaels

    Thank you for the refreshing walk along the windy Spring-decorated coast. Nice way to start my day! Also wanted to comment on the vintage bicycles. I so appreciated your bringing that beautiful historical Note to us. I shared it with my daughter and sister and they loved it also. What riches you bring me! Tante grazie!

  2. love the new format! we would also like to contribute if possible. Our favorite region is in Umbria around Lago Trasimeno

  3. lewis murray

    gb…una bellissima passeggiata in tuscana….l’ho visto una primavera tanti anni fa. saluti da washington, lewis

  4. Carol

    Thank you for the lovely videos. When one can’t be in Italy your site provides us with so many wonderful insights into life in various parts of Italy. These were a pleasure (especially to see while having to be at work). Grazie!

  5. Pat Carney Ceccarelli
    Pat Carney Ceccarelli

    So so beautiful! And walking along with you such a pleasure. I love this note and love that when I wish to revisit this magic place I can do so by just returning to Italian notebook! Many thanks

  6. Jan Johnson

    Excellent concept – such a narrow track. Thanks for enabling us to ‘walk in your footsteps’.

  7. Jill Ackerman

    Oh, is this the walk to the magical “Bucche delle Fatte” . Oh, how sweet, enchanting, and in reminiscent mode am I..?! Pat!!


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