The Rocca Albornoziana

June 22, 2011 / Places
Spoleto, Umbria
Built by Cardinal Albornoz in 1359-1370, the Rocca (Fortress) was built on top of the hill of Sant’Elia above Spoleto. After the Roman Catholic Church re-conquered Umbria in the late 13th century, Pope Innocent VI ordered the construction of a military castle as a bastion of papal power in the territory.

Although a classical fortress with large inner courtyards to hold soldiers and turrets as look out posts, the great halls and porticoes were frescoed between the 14th and 15th centuries. Nothing like art to keep the fighting spirit high? Balanced? Motivated?!

It’s understandable why the popes later transformed the Rocca into their holiday retreat. Nothing like a great view, good artwork and beautiful architecture to transform a fortress into a country castle resort!

The Rocca is now the National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto.

Jean Tori

by Jean Tori

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Linda! Lots of places were closed when we went because it wasn’t yet summer season. More like crazy Spring and it poured like the heavens had opened a faucet while we were there! Will keep your tip for a next time!

  2. This is an absolutely stunning museum to visit. I spent hours and barely saw one third of its impressive collections. The Etruscan gold filigree jewellery is particularly breath-taking.

    Positively a must-see!

  3. Thanks Diane and Dave for your messages! My favorites were the medieval stone carved animals – ox with wings and lions!

  4. Sandy Palumbo

    We had the pleasure of spending a few days in Spoleto — a truly lovely walled town. The Hotel San Luco was so very pleasant.


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