Southwest Sardegna

September 13, 2012 / Places
In today’s “Wi-Fi” and “iEverything” culture, it’s not always easy to unplug. In fact, even people who search for vacation spots with the sole requirement of being out of cell phone range will sometimes be shocked to realize that when they do fly under the radar, they literally have nothing to do. That’s what I heard a few fellow tourists complain about during our stay in southwest Sardegna. “It’s great… but there’s not much going on, is there?”

Far removed from the yachts and nightlife of the Costa Smeralda and the tourist locales to the north and the southeast, southwest Sardegna is wonderfully rustic, with winding roads that seemingly lead to nowhere, and beaches with just a smattering of people on them (even at the end of August, the so-called tourist season). But if you’re purposefully heading there then you know what you’re in for and so you’ll absolutely bask in every minute of your Sardinian vacation. The beaches! The cliffs that tumble into the Tyrrhenian Sea! The rocky hillsides! The kayaking! The prickly pears! Not to mention the spaghetti alle arselle, the pane carasau, and the ginormous pizzas!

Alternate your beach days with a fun outing to Cagliari, the capital of Sardegna. Wander around the Castello district and its 13th century cathedral, and marvel at the Roman amphitheatre. You can even make a stop at the University of Cagliari’s Botanical Garden and Herbarium.

So pack some books, magazines and a deck of carte piacentine, and get ready to lounge on the beaches all day, gobble up some fregola Sarda for dinner, and turn in early.

“Ahh… when in Sardegna…”

Enrica Frulla

by Enrica Frulla

Enrica was born in Italy, raised in the United States and is now living in Senigallia, on the coast of the beautiful Le Marche region. A marketing consultant in a past life, Enrica is now a freelance translator. Recently, her creativity and passion for telling people what to do has also  “translated” into an event planning business.

6 Responses to “Southwest Sardegna”

  1. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    I’ve been from bottom to top of Italia ,yet never Sardegna. You make a compelling case to visit.

  2. Oh how wonderful it is to do nothing at all!!! I love your pictures. Isn’t there also some important mesolith stones in Sardegna? Saluti!

  3. Mairin O'Mahony

    Ah, yes! My friend Gealdina and I had a wonderfully relaxed time in Cagliari, celebrating la feta di Sant’Efisio, eating marvellous meals overlooing the water. We also enjoyed the beaches and Alghera and the nuraghe. And the wonderul Sardegni!

  4. Gian Banchero

    Pity, pity, pity the people who travel half way around the world to spots of beauty but still want to be hooked up to “iEverything”. There’s always a lot to interest one from markets, restaurants, inhabitants, scenery, architecture, new topography, etc., etc., etc. And if the beaches don’t meet expectations then climb a mountain… Imagination please! Grazie Enrica!


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