The Taormina Approach

May 23, 2008 / Local Interest
Have you noticed how relaxed and happy the Taorminesi seem to be? Something in the water, the air?

Could it be the incredible setting of the town, perched up on its cliff? Or maybe it’s Taormina’s relationship with the sea, Mazzar√≥, and the picture perfect Isola Bella (the villa is open for visits in the a.m.) at its feet.

Then again it could be the quality of the food, fresh fish and vegetables seem to be all that anyone eats . . . besides cannoli of course (go ahead, have one with your cappuccino for breakfast, but make sure it’s filled right then in front of you, or it’s not “fresh” . .)

Throw in beautiful Corso Umberto, the Villa Comunale/Parco Duca di Cesar√≥, the churches, the ruins of the magnificent Greek theater with the stunning backdrop of Mount Etna . . . Hold on, maybe that’s it! Fairly natural to assume that one acquires a certain zest for life living but 20 miles from an active volcano that occasionally covers your town with a fine layer of ash.

It’s probably a combination of all these things. The proverb Megghiu muriri chi mali campari (Better to die than to poorly live) is said to come from this area. Wonderful Sicilian hyperbole about living life fully at its best.

These great photos are courtesy of Fred Ingham, James Hunton, and Kris Olsen respectively, all Italian Notebook subscribers. Thank you so much!


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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