Tempting Tropea

July 1, 2011 / Places
Tropea, Calabria

Tropea is one of the most famous names in Calabria travel and is known throughout the south for its sparkling blue-green waters, dramatic views and quintessential Italian village. According to legend, Ercole (Hercules) came through and became so enamored with the area that he settled the land and named it after himself, hence the name of the port here – Porto Ercole.

The village’s iconic church, Santa Maria dell’Isola (.. of the island) was once a Benedictine sanctuary and the Norman cathedral houses two undeployed WWII bombs and an accompanying note of thanks to the Madonna (for keeping them safe, of course).

However, the most tempting thing about Tropea is the view from the top of the village, where the Easter-egg colored waters brush against the creamy sand beaches that run along the coast. Calabrian coast at is best…

Cherrye Moore

by Cherrye Moore

Cherrye Moore is owner of My Bella Vita Travel, a boutique tour operator specializing in custom vacations and heritage tours in southern Italy. Join her in June or September for the Small Group Heritage Tour of Calabria – a unique small group tour that combines group travel with a private heritage tour, or in September for the Undiscovered Southern Calabria and Eastern Sicily Tour.


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  1. Hi Cherrye,
    strange that…I have a really good friend from Tropea, but he’s been living in New Zealand for the last 40 years!
    A presto!

  2. joanne duetsch

    makes me want
    to return to Italy and explore this natural beauty…..


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