The Tevere Runs Through It

December 5, 2008 / Places

With so much else to see in Rome, the Tevere, the city’s poor and neglected river, rarely gets much attention. Perhaps understandably so… not much has been done to tie the river into the fabric of the city, to rationalize the use the embankments, or to keep it all that clean. So at first glance, there’s not much to entice people to visit it.

Although word has it that many treasures and marble statues from ancient Rome were thrown into the River during the various sacks of Rome, they’re buried under its waters in its silt. The silt, by the way, is the reason it is called “blonde” (il Tevere biondo), and what gives it its unappealing color.. not that it’s all that clean mind you.
Italian Notebook

That said, a walk or a boat ride along it will let you see things you otherwise wouldn’t and let you appreciate the city in an additional way. Whether it’s the occasional glimpses of (now urbanized) wildlife, its use to get away from the chaos of the city’s traffic, watching skulls from the various boat houses glide across its surface, or admiring some of the artwork along its banks*, il Tevere can and does offer up things worth seeing after all.

* final photo was a city authorized art project where the images of wolves and other animals were created on the embankment walls by sandblasting through huge stencils hung over its sides, removing the grime and stains on the wall thus leaving the image.

— These great photos are by Silvia Pedicini, of the Thank you!


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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