White Roads of Tuscany

October 28, 2008 / Art & Archaeology
San Giusto in Salcio
If you look at your map you see autostrade (highways), strade statali (main roads), strade regionali, provinciali, and comunali (regional, provincial, and communal/town roads respectively), even skinnier roads, and then, focusing harder, you find white lines that seem to meander, flowing between places like river bottoms.

It is in the exploration of these that are found memories more evocative than the storied places you have been to — the “must sees,” as they are called.

After passing by a mournful wooden cross bedecked with flowers, held up by rough stones at the base – a memorial to some tragic accident, peering into woods where wild boar roam and glimpsing hilltop villages in the distance, you will find a place like San Giusto in Salcio – a grouping of stone houses, a church and a bell tower announcing the hour.

The parish church, built in the 1200’s, restored over the years, falling into disrepair and last renovated in 1926 has not been decommissioned as have been so many of the old chapels. And, gleaming within the rough-hewn walls and scarred pews of the building is the treasure – a not unusual find when traveling white roads.

— this great note and photos were submitted by Jane Parker for the 1st Anniversary Reader’s Note Contest. Thank you!

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