February 18 2015 / Places

Height + Wind = Awesome

Mount Etna, Sicily

Awesome! …a word that has become trivialized from overuse. Yet an enthusiast of national parks expects a certain amount of

November 6 2014 / Local Interest

Le Tre Sorelle


From L’Aquila, we drove east towards majestic Gran Sasso, mountain behemoth, passing medieval hill towns – clinging like lichen to

June 3 2014 / Places

The OTHER Coastal Trails

Monterosso, Liguria

Hiking the mountainside trails that run along the vast, turquoise Ligurian sea in the Cinque Terre National Park is a

August 7 2009 / Local Interest

In Their Flying Machines…

Lake Como, Lombardia

One way to get around Italy’s magnificent lakes is to fly in a seaplane. Instead of wheels it’s got floats.

August 4 2009 / Events

Rafting Beneath Waterfalls

Marmore Falls, Umbria

Lovers of central Italy usually flock to Assisi (St. Francis), Orvieto (great white wine) or Perugia (chocolate, among other treasures).

June 4 2009 / Places



Called Bent el Riah in Arabic, (Daughter of the Wind), this wild spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

March 25 2009 / Local Interest

Ballooning in Tuscany

Val d'Orcia

Dawn. Who gets up at this ungodly hour? Well, if you are visiting the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, there are

June 13 2008 / Local Interest

Scalea’s Hidden Treasure


Named after the Italian word scale (steps or stairs), Scalea sits on a step terraced cliff packed right up against

May 15 2008 / Places

Ostuni’s Coast


So how do miles of untouched coast, ancient olive groves right up against the sea, and hardly a person around

May 8 2008 / Art & Archaeology

A Roman Amphitheater All to Yourself

S.Maria Capua Vetere

Two thousand three hundred years ago, the Via Appia (or Appian Way) was built to connect Rome with the ancient

January 24 2008 / Places

Baths of Bormio


Bormio, just south of the Swiss border and smack in the middle of the Alps, is only a few hour’s

October 17 2007 / Places

Buca Delle Fate

Populonia, Tuscany

Enchanted woods, fairies, unspoiled coast? Probably just a dream . . Yet half-way along the twisting road from Baratti to