August 11 2015 / Food & Wine

Tips from the “Virgil” of Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Lazio

(…cont’d from here.) …and Rocco, my “Sperlonga Virgil,” was right about Il Bistrot (and not only). After my first dinner

May 27 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Maraini’s FisherPutti Fish Again

Rome, Lazio

Dear friends, Roberto (of the Caligula statue restoration note) has done it again! So happy to have him contributing… Grazie

February 27 2015 / Local Interest

Roman Attitude

Rome, Lazio

Back in September, a 42 minute video rant was released in which the Islamic State (IS) mentioned that “this will

February 25 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Bs and Bees

Saint Peter's basilica, Vatican City State

It’s a… actually, what is it?! Scholars have a hard time deciding how to categorize Gianlorenzo Bernini’s giant, 66ft.-tall bronze

February 5 2015 / Food & Wine


Rome, Italy

Uh-oh… nothing in the fridge except the usual suspects. Some bread, half a lemon, a miserable piece of butter (in

February 3 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Scolacium Ruins in Roccelletta

Roccelletta di Borgia, Calabria

As you travel along the SS 106 from Catanzaro to Soverato, you can’t help but be drawn to the 12th

January 15 2015 / Places

Due Palazzi Pallavicini: Rome and Piegaro

Piegaro, Umbria

In Roma, the Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospiglosi is one of the largest privately owned palaces. Started in 1613 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese,

October 23 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Byzantine Surprise

Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna

Take this image of Emperor Justinian. Don’t know about you, but to me the guy looks like he’s either horribly

October 13 2014 / Local Interest

Ottobrata Romana

Rome, Italy

To this day people refer to the ottobrata romana (Roman October) when speaking of a mild, still warm autumn day.

October 9 2014 / Places

Ventotene Checklist

Ventotene, Lazio

Before you leave for a few days on paradiso, aka the island of Ventotene, you’ll probably want to jot down a

September 22 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Cupid Seller

Castellammare di Stabbia, Campania

This week we are proud to present a beautifully handcrafted, Italian designed line of jewelry, the GrandTour Collection, made by

August 6 2014 / Places

Lecce: “Florence of the South”

Lecce, Puglia

Today, Lecce is a candidate for Capital of European Culture in 2019. However, her ancient history and origins date back

June 30 2014 / Art & Archaeology

(Re)-Discovering Caligula

Genzano, Lazio

Dear friends, I’m so happy to introduce a good friend and new ItalianNotebook contributor, Roberto Civetta. Roberto does some incredible

May 6 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Martedi’ pesce..

Piombino, Tuscany

Once upon a time, all classic art and archaeological finds throughout Italy would pour into Rome. Whether because of wealthy

April 15 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Decor?

Vulci, Lazio

What’s with the completely out of proportion distribution of beautifully paved floors, marbled lined walls, and mosaics in Ancient Roman

March 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Caesar’s Julian Calendar

Rome, Italy

Interested in taking a few walks through Rome, from either the comfort of your armchair or in person next time

March 21 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Smell of Ancient Roman Libraries?

Rome, Italy

For me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is walking into an old library and sniffing. I adore the old book

January 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Vespasian’s Legacy

Morcone, Campania

Not a lot is known about the Emperor Vespasian’s life and brief rule, except that he was a highly competent

September 17 2010 / Places

Area Sacra

Rome, Italy

In Rome’s Piazza Argentina you are across from an ancient ruin, the Area Sacra (literally, Sacred Area). Rome’s feral cats

September 25 2009 / Art & Archaeology

The Bagno Vignoni Ruins

Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany

Nowadays you can’t get a plumber to fix something that might last 10 years if you’re lucky. And with what

September 17 2009 / Art & Archaeology

A Walk Through Time

Rome, Lazio

Rome is a city with a pulse. It’s crowded with tourists moving from sight to sight, trying to see ‘Rome