May 27 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Maraini’s FisherPutti Fish Again

Rome, Lazio

Dear friends, Roberto (of the Caligula statue restoration note) has done it again! So happy to have him contributing… Grazie

January 29 2015 / Events

Blessing of the Pets

Rome, Lazio

As per tradition, the Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate was celebrated in Rome this year on January the 18th and 19th

October 24 2014 / Food & Wine

Gorga – Milking Time!

Gorga, Lazio

A bandana on his head to hold back dripping sweat, Giulio sat on the steps just outside the family caseificio

September 10 2014 / Local Interest

Grotta Zinzulusa – The Raggedy Cave

Castro, Puglia

South of Lecce along the Salento coast of Puglia, on your way to the very tip of Puglia’s heel, St.

April 17 2014 / Places

Poppi: Castles and Falcons

Poppi, Tuscany

Medieval churches and hilltop castles crowning gently curving slopes – emerald green in springtime, sprinkled with wildflowers like confetti –

April 9 2014 / Local Interest

The Upupa and the Civetta

Oltrepo' Pavese, Lombardia

When we first came here we used to see a wonderfully colored bird fly away in the front of our

November 11 2013 / Local Interest

Castiglione del Lago: It’s for the Birds

Castiglion del Lago, Umbria

“It’s for the birds”. Well, it was almost “for the birds”, that medieval guard tower of Castiglione del Lago overlooking Lake

July 19 2010 / Food & Wine

Good to Goat…

Anghiari, Tuscany

What happens when a young man from the flatlands of central Michigan finds a spectacularly picturesque goat farm high in

July 6 2010 / Local Interest

Italian Doggies and Their Owners


And now for a warm and affectionate look at Italian dog owners and their tiny charges…there are many more tiny

May 28 2009 / Events

Piazza Di Siena


Horse lovers throughout Italy wait in anticipation throughout the year for what is simply known as Piazza di Siena, so

April 20 2009 / Events

Palio di Bomarzo


In the town of Bomarzo, up the hill from the famous Park of the Monsters, a Palio is held each

January 13 2009 / Events

Blessing of the Pets…


Rabbits, goats, and ferrets in church?! Preposterous! Then again… The Festa di Sant’ Antonio (Feast of St. Antony d’Abate) is

July 30 2008 / Local Interest

Le Saline of Trapani


The Saline (salt farms or beds) of Trapani are it’s reason for being . . hints in legends suggest that

December 3 2007 / Local Interest

4 Million Wondrous Autumn Starlings


Like clockwork the storni (starlings) show up every fall on their migratory path to warmer climates. And like clockwork each

November 26 2007 / Local Interest

Cat Sanctuary


Roman cats are celebrities all over the world thanks to the attention they get from visitors at the city’s ancient

October 22 2007 / Local Interest

The Golden Chicken


“Beware of running over a neighbor’s chicken in the road,” we are counselled. Once a contadino finds out you’ve run