June 9 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Leonardo Extravaganza

Milano, Lombardia

Ok, granted, Pietro Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio ARE considered the world’s foremost da Vinci experts… but how do you

April 1 2015 / Places

The Stone Ship of Santa Severina

Santa Severina, Calabria

Located 30 minutes inland from Crotone, Santa Severina is a little-known borgo dating back to the 5th Century BC and

March 6 2015 / Events

Di mastri e di botteghe

Rome, Lazio

“Of (artisan) masters and of workshops..” is the name of Liliana Ranalletta’s recent photography work. The idea came about during

March 3 2015 / Places

A Library in the Stables

Roma, Lazio

Art historians and scholars now have a new specialized library for research thanks to ABI, the Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Italian Banks

December 10 2014 / Local Interest

Friends in High Places

Rome, Italy

While having a friend with good strong connections intercede on one’s behalf is a practice that certainly exists the world

December 2 2014 / Local Interest

Balbido: The Painted Village

Balbido, Trentino Alto Adige

High up in the Bleggio Plateau of the Trentino Alto Adige region sits an animated village deserving of an art critic’s

November 21 2014 / Art & Archaeology

A Ladies’ Get-together

Milan, Lombardia

You are invited to a get-together with four ladies in Milan. Straightforward? Yes. But there’s subtext too. This being Milan,

November 20 2014 / Places

Trani: A Saintly Seaside Treasure

Trani, Puglia

Like so many picturesque seaside towns in Puglia, Trani continues to be influenced by its proximity to the rugged Adriatic

November 18 2014 / Places

Mary’s Little House

Loreto, Le Marche

Safely hidden on top of a hill, behind the walls of the vescovo‘s (bishop’s) palace, under the cupola of the

September 29 2014 / Places

The Potter of La Rocca

La Rocca, Tuscany

Near La Verna (where St. Francis’s of Assisi founded the Sanctuary of St. Francesco and where he received the stigmata) is

September 26 2014 / Events

A Day of Memory in Assisi

Assisi, Umbria

At 11:42 a.m. today in Assisi, all the bells will solemnly toll reminding all of the devastating earthquake on September

September 22 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Cupid Seller

Castellammare di Stabbia, Campania

This week we are proud to present a beautifully handcrafted, Italian designed line of jewelry, the GrandTour Collection, made by

September 12 2014 / Places

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Asciano, Tuscany

Nearby Siena and very well hidden among the hills is the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, well known for its

June 30 2014 / Art & Archaeology

(Re)-Discovering Caligula

Genzano, Lazio

Dear friends, I’m so happy to introduce a good friend and new ItalianNotebook contributor, Roberto Civetta. Roberto does some incredible

June 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Masterpiece at Your Feet

Spoleto, Umbria

This is the second installment in our mini-series of notes on Church floors! When you enter Spoleto’s majestic Duomo (also

June 20 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Farfa’s floor

Fara in Sabina, Lazio

At its height around the time of Charlemagne, the Farfa Abbey controlled 132 castles, 16 fortresses, 7 ports, 8 mines,

May 22 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Pinacoteca di Brera

Milan, Lombardia

Here’s another note on Milan, the beautiful city that is the setting of our recently published gastronomic murder mystery, The

May 20 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Contemporary Art Rescues Ancient Fresco

Viterbo, Lazio

Contemporary artists are helping to restore a 15th century colleague’s fresco in Viterbo’s oldest church, S.Maria Nuova. Instead of depending exclusively on

May 6 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Martedi’ pesce..

Piombino, Tuscany

Once upon a time, all classic art and archaeological finds throughout Italy would pour into Rome. Whether because of wealthy

April 29 2014 / Places

Gangi, il Borgo dei Borghi

Gangi, Sicily

Every year in Italy there is a competition between towns and villages to decide which one is the Borgo Più