June 9 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Leonardo Extravaganza

Milano, Lombardia

Ok, granted, Pietro Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio ARE considered the world’s foremost da Vinci experts… but how do you

April 17 2015 / Events

In Foligno, “a Galileo Universe”

Foligno, Umbria

Where else can you join a Saturday night rapt crowd ranging from teens to the elderly in a 14th-century frescoed

April 1 2015 / Places

The Stone Ship of Santa Severina

Santa Severina, Calabria

Located 30 minutes inland from Crotone, Santa Severina is a little-known borgo dating back to the 5th Century BC and

March 20 2015 / Local Interest

The Singing Friar of Assisi

Assisi, Umbria

You’d probably re-think “re-incarnation” if you ever met Frate Alessandro, Assisi’s “singing friar.” Short (St. Francis was about 5’4”) with

March 3 2015 / Places

A Library in the Stables

Roma, Lazio

Art historians and scholars now have a new specialized library for research thanks to ABI, the Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Italian Banks

February 27 2015 / Local Interest

Roman Attitude

Rome, Lazio

Back in September, a 42 minute video rant was released in which the Islamic State (IS) mentioned that “this will

December 17 2014 / Places

Santa Margherita di Belice

Santa Margherita di Belice, Sicily

In 1968, an earthquake in the Belice Valley of western Sicily caused many devastated villages to relocate and start over.

December 10 2014 / Local Interest

Friends in High Places

Rome, Italy

While having a friend with good strong connections intercede on one’s behalf is a practice that certainly exists the world

December 9 2014 / Events

Sorrento Off Season

Sorrento, Campania

Traveling off season has many perks, among them unexpected meetings and discoveries such as those enjoyed in Sorrento a few weeks ago. Thanks

December 2 2014 / Local Interest

Balbido: The Painted Village

Balbido, Trentino Alto Adige

High up in the Bleggio Plateau of the Trentino Alto Adige region sits an animated village deserving of an art critic’s

December 1 2014 / Local Interest

Off-season at the Lake

Lake Bracciano, Lazio

Niente (nothing). Certainly not busy. Not too warm either. Already so much less of a zoo in the summertime than

October 28 2014 / Food & Wine

The Art of Ordering Prosciutto…

Rome, Lazio

Easy, right? Hmmm… but do you want crudo or cotto? (cured or cooked, respectively) Do you need it for cooking,

October 13 2014 / Local Interest

Ottobrata Romana

Rome, Italy

To this day people refer to the ottobrata romana (Roman October) when speaking of a mild, still warm autumn day.

September 9 2014 / Food & Wine

Maritozzo con Panna

Rome, Italy

With the rientro in full swing and the summer holidays already distant memories, it’s go go go errands to run

July 18 2014 / Food & Wine

Rome’s Best Cappuccino

Rome, Lazio

More than 2,000 satisfied Romans, the majority lawyers working at the nearby legal offices and courts, make a daily stop at

July 3 2014 / Local Interest

Rome Watching Rome

Rome, Italy

One of those infinitely recursive loops that occur in buggy computer programs has been taking place in Rome. Take the

July 2 2014 / Events

Art for Heart’s Sake

Assisi, Umbria

Visitors to Assisi may have been surprised recently to find their stroll through this Medieval city, which has become an

June 23 2014 / Local Interest

Monte di Pietá

Rome, Lazio

It’s notoriously difficult to find an ATM in Rome that’s working, accepts your credit card, etc. Short of cash for

May 20 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Contemporary Art Rescues Ancient Fresco

Viterbo, Lazio

Contemporary artists are helping to restore a 15th century colleague’s fresco in Viterbo’s oldest church, S.Maria Nuova. Instead of depending exclusively on

May 15 2014 / Events

Marriage to the Sea

Venezia, Veneto

The history of the Venetian Republic, sometimes called the “Serene Republic”, is embodied in the Doge’s Palace. Massive, imposing, impressive,

April 10 2014 / Food & Wine

VideoNote: The Soul of the Pizza

THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW Dear friends, as you are probably aware, ItalianNotebook has been experimenting with

March 20 2014 / Art & Archaeology


Rome, Italy

Fragmentation and recombination are frequently heard buzzwords in today’s social discourse… and while their effect can be disorienting given the