April 2 2015 / Food & Wine

Spring’s Secret Agent

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

The other day I was walking by the pharmacy in my little town of S. Agata dè Goti. It is

March 12 2015 / Food & Wine

More than a Snack, this “Ciancino”

San Macario in Piano, Tuscany

West of Lucca in this nondescript village, you’ll note a rotund wine cask on the right with vino sfuso (wine by

January 13 2015 / Local Interest

Gli Avanzi Natalizi…


For weeks they were the pride of the aisles! Front stage center, there was no doubt about who played the

September 9 2014 / Food & Wine

Maritozzo con Panna

Rome, Italy

With the rientro in full swing and the summer holidays already distant memories, it’s go go go errands to run

March 26 2014 / Places

Rango: One Nutty Village

Rango, Trentino-Alto Adige

A tiny dot on the map up in the Bleggio Plateau of the Trentino’s Giudicarie area is the focus of

June 17 2010 / Food & Wine

S.a.i.d. dal 1923

Roma, Lazio

The current abundance of sugar-laden chocolate bars (and bunnies) belies the fact that chocolate was once a luxury item, produced

June 11 2010 / Food & Wine

Pasticceria Maria Grammatico

Erice, Sicily

Not far from Trapani (Sicily) a lovely, winding road meanders up a mountain that overlooks the sea, and at the

March 8 2010 / Food & Wine

Gelato Artigianale

Sipicciano, Lazio

Gelato of one kind or another has been popular in Italy for thousands of years. After the Civil War in

November 12 2009 / Places

The “Beautiful Era” in Rome

Rome, Lazio

Sunday is a good day to catch up on your reading or chat with that buddy you were too busy

September 29 2009 / Food & Wine

Palazzo del Freddo

Rome, Lazio

Every Roman has a favorite gelateria, but Palazzo del Freddo (literally, Palace of Cold) is one joint that everybody can

September 11 2009 / Food & Wine

It’s All About the Cookies

Mombaruzzo, Piemonte

Think Amaretti. What comes to mind? Crispy wafers wrapped in wax paper from Saronno? Think again. In Piemonte, we wrap

April 9 2009 / Food & Wine

Girlfriends: Cheesecake?


What with the Easter holidays coming up, I decided to inquire with my girlfriends about the recipe of one of

February 17 2009 / Food & Wine

Erotic, Etruscan Chocolate


Steep Via Cairoli connecting two of Viterbo’s main piazze is a typical Italian street with dozens of tiny shops: a

February 9 2009 / Local Interest

Penny Candy, Italian Style


If you can remember choosing a nickel or dime’s worth of penny candy from the jars displayed at the neighborhood

September 17 2008 / Food & Wine

Sweet Tooth, Anyone?


To our readers who savor their gluttony, this note will be taken in harmony. All others should read it quite