November 11 2015 / Places

Todi, a Jewel in Umbria

Todi, Umbria

In reverse chronological order Garibaldi and the Red Shirts, the Goths, Romans, the Etruscans, and originally the Umbri were just

August 11 2015 / Food & Wine

Tips from the “Virgil” of Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Lazio

(…cont’d from here.) …and Rocco, my “Sperlonga Virgil,” was right about Il Bistrot (and not only). After my first dinner

July 29 2015 / Places

The Primeval Beauty of Basilicata


Ed.’s note – We published a number of great notes by Valerie when she lived in La Marche, and are

July 27 2015 / Places

Finding “a Virgil” in Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Lazio

“No time to leave fruit in your apartment, Anna, but try these,” dark-haired Rocco urged, as he plucked juicy midnight

July 10 2015 / Events

Mozzafiato Majesty of il Piano Grande

Piano Grande, Umbria

Only mozzafiato (literally, “cutting off, truncating your breath”; more visceral than the English, “breathless”) can describe your first site of

June 23 2015 / Places


Portoferraio, Tuscany

History has no shortage of towns being named after their founders… Alexandria in Egypt, Constantinople, Washington, etc. There’s another one

June 8 2015 / Places

Lipari: Among the Volcanos

Lipari, Sicilia

Nestled amongst the Aeolian Islands, Lipari is the largest island of this volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of

April 23 2015 / Places

Barga, A Step Into Renaissance

Barga, Tuscany

On every trip to Italy, I step off the beaten path and find a town the guidebooks have overlooked. Barga

March 5 2015 / Local Interest

Hidden Venice

Venice, Veneto

Most tourists who visit Venice do so in a tour group and never get to experience what’s really there, hidden

February 26 2015 / Places

Cirella on Riviera dei Cedri

Cirella, Calabria

Nestled into the heart of La Riviera dei Cedri, Cirella is a seaside town on Calabria’s northern Tyrrhenian coast. This

November 24 2014 / Places

Mythical and Magical Chianalea in Scilla

Scilla, Calabria

Chianalea in Scilla is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the province of Reggio Calabria. Built directly on

October 6 2014 / Places

Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany

The collection of villages called Bagni di Lucca has been around for centuries. Some of the mountain villages were settled

September 17 2014 / Food & Wine

Scheggino Enticements

Scheggino, Umbria

A five-kilometer-long tunnel now links the Valle Umbra Nord (North Umbrian Valley) pastoral landscapes – sweeps of vineyards, silvery olive

September 15 2014 / Places

Tellaro and its Mythical Octopus

Tellaro, Liguria

Tiny Tellaro, one of the last villages lining the Ligurian coast before it melts into the region of Tuscany, is

August 6 2014 / Places

Lecce: “Florence of the South”

Lecce, Puglia

Today, Lecce is a candidate for Capital of European Culture in 2019. However, her ancient history and origins date back

April 29 2014 / Places

Gangi, il Borgo dei Borghi

Gangi, Sicily

Every year in Italy there is a competition between towns and villages to decide which one is the Borgo Più

March 28 2014 / Places

The Hillside Villas of Lucca

Capannori, Tuscany

We were on retreat in Lucca. A friend suggested we travel to the hillsides surrounding Lucca to see a couple

December 11 2013 / Places

Tuscan Treasures in Winter Hibernation

Chiusdino, Tuscany

The hilltowns of central Italy slumber in winter hibernation: no tourists at all and not many “locals” affront icy winds

April 30 2013 / Places

Nothing missing in Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera, Umbria

We met ninety-four year old Settimio, out for his daily morning stroll, as we entered the charming Nera River Valley

July 20 2010 / Places

Republic of San Marino

Repubblica di San Marino

What? There is another country inside Italy? Si! It is the Republic of San Marino, located between Emilia-Romagna and Le

July 14 2010 / Places

Castelli di Cannero

Lago Maggiore, Piemonte

Just a stone’s throw off the shore of Lago Maggiore, near the town of Cannero and only few kilometers from

July 13 2010 / Local Interest

Burano Reflections

Burano, Veneto

Burano, located just 30 minutes by vaporetto (water bus) from the Fondamenta Nuove stop in Venice, is a delightful island

July 8 2010 / Food & Wine

Caffe San Carlo

Torino, Piemonte

Apparently, Henry James claimed that Turin is not a city to make a fuss about. He couldn’t have been more