March 8 2016 / Events

Festa delle Donne


Auguri alle signore! (Best wishes to the ladies!) Today is la Giornata Internazionale delle Donne, aka Women’s Day. Celebrated in

July 17 2015 / Places

Le Spiaggette di Scoglitti, Sicilia

Scoglitti, Sicily

A balmy evening along the little beaches of Scoglitti… perfect for a stroll. The sun sets, taking the heat of

June 12 2015 / Local Interest

Sant’Ubaldo: Gubbio’s Favorite Son

Gubbio, Umbria

Gubbio, one of the best preserved medieval hill towns in Umbria, is just 40 km northeast of Perugia. With its

June 1 2015 / Events

A Glorious Festa della Repubblica

Gubbio. Umbria

Dear friends, we’re republishing this from last year in case anyone is in central Italy and free tomorrow. This is

May 19 2015 / Events

Floral Passione Explodes in Bucchianico

Bucchianico, Abruzzo

Floral eruption? Floral euphoria? An explosion of flowers? Floral delirium? Futile attempts to describe Bucchianico’s chromatic splendor, la Ciammaichella procession

May 1 2015 / Events

Primo Maggio

Rome, Italy

In Italy il Primo Maggio (May First, aka May day) means many different things depending on whom you’re asking. To

January 29 2015 / Events

Blessing of the Pets

Rome, Lazio

As per tradition, the Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate was celebrated in Rome this year on January the 18th and 19th

January 13 2015 / Local Interest

Gli Avanzi Natalizi…


For weeks they were the pride of the aisles! Front stage center, there was no doubt about who played the

December 23 2014 / Events

Presepe Vivente, Still Alive

Umbria and Lazio

The crib scene comes alive – literally – in the mountain villages surrounding Assisi. After all, San Francesco was the

December 12 2014 / Events

Presepi in a Presepe

Artena, Lazio

Throughout history, this hilltop town just south of Rome was infamous for being a den for brigands. The reason for

December 9 2014 / Events

Sorrento Off Season

Sorrento, Campania

Traveling off season has many perks, among them unexpected meetings and discoveries such as those enjoyed in Sorrento a few weeks ago. Thanks

November 25 2014 / Events

Celebrating l’Albero del Pane

San Martino, Umbria

Rural people baptized it l’albero del pane (“the bread tree”) for this tree grew on the mountains where wheat would not grow (and if

October 31 2014 / Local Interest

Tutti i Santi, Festa dei Morti


Reverence for the dead as one of the central pillars of Christianity in Italy? Using that as lens you begin

October 13 2014 / Local Interest

Ottobrata Romana

Rome, Italy

To this day people refer to the ottobrata romana (Roman October) when speaking of a mild, still warm autumn day.

July 2 2014 / Events

Art for Heart’s Sake

Assisi, Umbria

Visitors to Assisi may have been surprised recently to find their stroll through this Medieval city, which has become an

May 29 2014 / Events

Where Wild Asparagus Reigns

Eggi, Umbria

Eggi (pop. about 400), medieval castle village near Spoleto, is celebrating la Sagra degli Asparagi triumphantly this year: with all the rain,

May 15 2014 / Events

Marriage to the Sea

Venezia, Veneto

The history of the Venetian Republic, sometimes called the “Serene Republic”, is embodied in the Doge’s Palace. Massive, imposing, impressive,

May 13 2014 / Events

La Grande Passione dei Piccoli


Missing out on la passione, means missing the full Italian experience. La passione is in the Italian DNA. And that

April 29 2014 / Places

Gangi, il Borgo dei Borghi

Gangi, Sicily

Every year in Italy there is a competition between towns and villages to decide which one is the Borgo Più

March 24 2014 / Places

Trequanda Treasures and Curiosities

Trequanda, Tuscany

Incredible: treasures wherever you head in Italy, no matter how tiny, how “insignificant” the locale. This country is a treasure

February 24 2014 / Food & Wine

Time for Castagnole

Piegaro, Umbria

During the weeks of Carnevale, it is a tradition to eat a lot of sweets because we want to pig

February 21 2014 / Events

The Flight of the Pantegana

Venice, Veneto

Hooray hooray! A new tradition is born! …ahem… with a full head of hair, make that a beard too, kicking