August 1 2008 / Art & Archaeology

San Galgano and King Arthur?


So many lovely things come from Tuscany, agreed. But the Arthurian legend, sword, stone and all?! Tuscany, not Cornwall? Time

May 19 2008 / Places

San Giovenale in Narni


The Umbrian hill town of Narni is a perfect example of a medieval stone city, graced with towers and churches

January 9 2008 / Places

Taormina Of The West


Known throughout the centuries as the “Mountain of God” due to the various names it has been attributed depending on

November 8 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Otriculum-Ruins in the Fields


It will come as a surprise to those used to perfectly organized archaeological sites that provide guidebooks and postcards, explanatory

October 25 2007 / Local Interest

A Stone-Carved Town

Calcata, Lazio

This medieval “rock-top” town just 30 minutes north of Rome, attracted its current 100 or so residents from all over