May 23 2008 / Local Interest

The Taormina Approach


Have you noticed how relaxed and happy the Taorminesi seem to be? Something in the water, the air? Could it

May 21 2008 / Local Interest

The Rose Garden


Just a pretty, silly rose garden, right? In Rome, think again… Tacitus mentions that in the 3rd century b.c., even

May 15 2008 / Places

Ostuni’s Coast


So how do miles of untouched coast, ancient olive groves right up against the sea, and hardly a person around

May 9 2008 / Local Interest

The Other Rome


While Rome is certainly not a city that one ever tires of admiring, after a while a sense of familiarity

May 7 2008 / Places

Salento, Italy’s Heel

Salento, Puglia

If you already know and love Italy but have never ventured south to the tip of the heel of the

May 2 2008 / Events

Wedding of the Trees


On May 8th each year since 1432 the town of Vetralla, 68 kms north of Rome along the Via Cassia,

April 30 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Le Castella, Calabria


What do Greek mythology, majestic sand castles, and Turkish warships have in common? The answer lies in an almost-forgotten land,

April 22 2008 / Local Interest

Peony Garden near Viterbo


If you happen to be anywhere near the lovely Viterbo area (about 50 miles north of Rome) during the months

November 29 2007 / Food & Wine

Saffron Harvest Festival

Cittá della Pieve, Umbria

People are often surprised to learn that Italy is one of the world’s major producers of saffron, after countries such

November 16 2007 / Art & Archaeology

A Secret Roman Garden


The Room of Livia, built at the beginning of the Empire, is one of the great indoor spaces of ancient

October 31 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Opera Bosco an Unconventional Pleasure


A visit to OperaBosco, a team-building sculpture workshop, is an unconventional pleasure. This living museum in northern Lazio advocates use

October 17 2007 / Places

Buca Delle Fate

Populonia, Tuscany

Enchanted woods, fairies, unspoiled coast? Probably just a dream . . Yet half-way along the twisting road from Baratti to