November 9 2009 / Places

Monastery of Trisulti

Collepardo, Lazio

Monastic life was started at Trisulti, situated at the foot of Mt. Rotonario, by St.Dominic of Foligno, a great reformer

November 3 2009 / Art & Archaeology

VIP Vatican City

Vatican City

Among other things, the pope is a celebrity like any other, with paparazzi and the press hounding his every move.

September 28 2009 / Places

Farfa Abbey

Fara in Sabina, Lazio

The Abbazia di Farfa was one of the most powerful Benedictine monasteries of medieval Europe and played a major role

September 21 2009 / Places

San Pietro in Valle


Legend has it that two hermits, John and Lazarus, arrived from Syria sometime in the 4th century and built a

July 31 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Rome’s Catacombs in 3D

Rome, Lazio

Previously the vast scale of Rome’s catacombs – some 170km – had only been recorded with handmade maps. Now, a

June 23 2009 / Places

Monastery of San Girolamo

San Gimignano

A short “City Bus” ride or walk from Porta San Giovani, far away from the packs of international visitors… sleeps

June 8 2009 / Places

Abbey in the Cave II

Cava de' Tirreni

Continued from part I… Close to a thousand years ago, the “Abbey” was nothing but  Alferius Pappacarbone’s cave dwelling! A

May 26 2009 / Places

The Abbey in the Cave

Cava de' Tirreni

Anna introduced me to a jovial-looking, rotund monk with a broad smile, “This is Don Gennaro, he is the exorcist

April 10 2009 / Events

Good Friday


On Good Friday the men and boys of each confraternita (charitable religious brotherhood) depart from their particular church wearing different

March 19 2009 / Events

Festa di San Giuseppe

Marina di Ragusa

After Mass, on today’s Festa di San Giuseppe, a marching band leads the faithful through the town stopping at homes

September 22 2008 / Events

The Papal Audience


“Yup, sorry guys, I don’t think I’ll make the meeting on time. I just saw the Pope duck into a

June 18 2008 / Local Interest

Oratorio del Gonfalone


The Oratorio del Gonfalone is a rarely visited, off the beaten path secret of Rome. Literally the “Oratory of the

February 18 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Giordano Bruno


Despite strong Catholic values and convictions, Romans have always been ambivalent about the Church’s seat of power itself, just across