April 17 2015 / Events

In Foligno, “a Galileo Universe”

Foligno, Umbria

Where else can you join a Saturday night rapt crowd ranging from teens to the elderly in a 14th-century frescoed

February 6 2015 / Local Interest


Mount Vesuvius, Campania

From the days when British Ambassador William Hamilton wore through his shoes (and those of his long-suffering servants) upon the

June 19 2014 / Local Interest

Tracking Down Tuscany’s Last Mill

Loro Ciuffenna, Tuscany

The colorful stuccoed houses of Loro Ciuffenna seem stacked like multi-colored children’s blocks along the gorge flanking the Ciuffenna River

May 9 2014 / Local Interest

VideoNote: Pedaling to the Past

Piedimonte Matese, Campania

THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW Dear friends, following your great feedback upon publishing the latest of five

July 31 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Rome’s Catacombs in 3D

Rome, Lazio

Previously the vast scale of Rome’s catacombs – some 170km – had only been recorded with handmade maps. Now, a

June 17 2009 / Local Interest

Wall-E Exists, And He Is Italian!


While walking through the streets of Pisa as of April this year, you might have encountered five foot tall green

September 23 2008 / Local Interest

Road Sign Aesthetics


You know how it went . . “Giovanni, a new shipment of road signs has come in. You and Franco