May 30 2016 / Local Interest

Memorial Day – Italian Style


– We’re proudly republishing this poignant note by Rick (Russo) Hayden of the 36th Division Association, in light of yesterday’s

July 29 2015 / Places

The Primeval Beauty of Basilicata


Ed.’s note – We published a number of great notes by Valerie when she lived in La Marche, and are

July 24 2015 / Food & Wine

Shrimp and Fruit Salad


The heat wave enveloping Italy during the past weeks has made it too hot for cooking the usual dishes. Here is

July 16 2015 / Food & Wine

Mozzafiato Lenticchie di Castelluccio

Castelluccio, Umbria

(…cont’d from here.) …and no visit to Castelluccio is complete without a bowl of hearty zuppa di lenticchie, accompanied by

June 1 2015 / Events

A Glorious Festa della Repubblica

Gubbio. Umbria

Dear friends, we’re republishing this from last year in case anyone is in central Italy and free tomorrow. This is

May 19 2015 / Events

Floral Passione Explodes in Bucchianico

Bucchianico, Abruzzo

Floral eruption? Floral euphoria? An explosion of flowers? Floral delirium? Futile attempts to describe Bucchianico’s chromatic splendor, la Ciammaichella procession

April 3 2015 / Events

Auguri di Pasqua


Hardly an interaction with someone occurs today without a heartfelt exchange of wishes. Auguri di Pasqua (Easter wishes) are exchanged

March 12 2015 / Food & Wine

More than a Snack, this “Ciancino”

San Macario in Piano, Tuscany

West of Lucca in this nondescript village, you’ll note a rotund wine cask on the right with vino sfuso (wine by

March 6 2015 / Events

Di mastri e di botteghe

Rome, Lazio

“Of (artisan) masters and of workshops..” is the name of Liliana Ranalletta’s recent photography work. The idea came about during

February 13 2015 / Local Interest

Heart and Soul of the Farmhouse Kitchen


Winter weather predictions warn: “le irruzioni fredde sull’Italia potranno risultare particolarmente intense” (to sum it up, intense cold due). More

February 10 2015 / Events

The Masks We Wear

Venice, Veneto

The first mention of carnevale in a Venetian document goes back to 1094 A.D., so the Venetians have certainly had

January 29 2015 / Events

Blessing of the Pets

Rome, Lazio

As per tradition, the Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate was celebrated in Rome this year on January the 18th and 19th

January 26 2015 / Food & Wine

So Far So Good

Ponzano Romano, Lazio

…this new year’s resolution is officially alive and well despite a close call. While exploring another corner of the countryside

December 23 2014 / Events

Presepe Vivente, Still Alive

Umbria and Lazio

The crib scene comes alive – literally – in the mountain villages surrounding Assisi. After all, San Francesco was the

December 18 2014 / Local Interest

Presepio Figurines


‘Tis the season when it seems that everywhere you turn in Italy there is a presepio (nativity scene). Whether they’re

December 12 2014 / Events

Presepi in a Presepe

Artena, Lazio

Throughout history, this hilltop town just south of Rome was infamous for being a den for brigands. The reason for

December 10 2014 / Local Interest

Friends in High Places

Rome, Italy

While having a friend with good strong connections intercede on one’s behalf is a practice that certainly exists the world

December 9 2014 / Events

Sorrento Off Season

Sorrento, Campania

Traveling off season has many perks, among them unexpected meetings and discoveries such as those enjoyed in Sorrento a few weeks ago. Thanks