May 12 2015 / Local Interest

La Gondola: The Prow and Joy of Venice

Venice, Veneto

Did you know that there are only 425 professionally licensed gondoliers in Venice? It’s true. These card-carrying members of the

March 19 2015 / Places

The Great Roof

Milano, Lombardia

Forget for a second that the train hurtling you across the country at upwards of 200 miles per hour is

February 11 2015 / Local Interest

Italian Roads

Oltrepo' Pavese, Lombardia

In hilly areas such as ours, the Oltrepò Pavese wine region in Lombardy, the strade provinciali (local roads) suffer a

February 6 2015 / Local Interest


Mount Vesuvius, Campania

From the days when British Ambassador William Hamilton wore through his shoes (and those of his long-suffering servants) upon the

January 28 2015 / Places

A Trip Down the Grand Canal

Venezia, Veneto

There are few more unforgettable moments than that first sight of Venice in all its hustle and bustle on the

June 25 2014 / Places

The Cerchia dei Navigli

Milan, Lombardia

Another note on Milan, the beautiful city that is the setting of our recently published gastronomic murder mystery, The Revenge

April 23 2014 / Places

Leonardo’s Canal Gates

Milan, Lombardia

We’re excited to bring you a note-a-week on Milan given that this beautiful city is the setting of our recently

May 27 2010 / Local Interest

Scooter Ride in Rome

Rome, Lazio

Scooter? Motorino? Vespa? An accident waiting to happen? Whatever you want to call them, they are fun. The motorini are

August 7 2009 / Local Interest

In Their Flying Machines…

Lake Como, Lombardia

One way to get around Italy’s magnificent lakes is to fly in a seaplane. Instead of wheels it’s got floats.

March 4 2009 / Local Interest

In Ritardo – The Bus


At some point in Italy, you will be obliged to take the bus. Here you will encounter two opposite –

December 2 2008 / Local Interest

One up, one down


I arrive late in the day. I ask directions to my bed and breakfast. My B&B is pointed out… on

May 13 2008 / Events

The Mille Miglia


We don’t know if Enzo Ferrari was correct when he defined it “the world’s greatest road race”. But in Italy

April 29 2008 / Local Interest

How to Drive like an Italian


Remember . . your car has a front, but no sides or back. Never turn your head. If you do,