Private Heritage Tours in Calabria

September 28, 2013 /
Cosenza, Catanzaro, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia, Calabria

Have you dreamed of strolling the centuries-old stone paths of your ancestors, lingering inside the church where your grandparents were married, inhaling the local scent of the village that is so intricately tied to your past?

If so, a private heritage tour to Calabria is just for you.  With any of these ancestry tours, you will uncover new aspects of your heritage, walk through your family’s village, visit churches and palazzi from their past, and engage in helpful-and often colorful-conversations with the locals.

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3 Responses to “Private Heritage Tours in Calabria”

  1. Connie Compiano-Luker (family: Fatino Motta Santa Lucia and Campopiano Lucito

    Drove from Crotone to Cariati to Lucito with cousins in 2011. Then to
    Rome. Found so much history on family. The people at the municipali’s were wonderful and helpful to find documentation. Plan to go back next year with grandson to revisit Lucito and Motta Santa Lucia for more info. The food was in my opinion, professionally and personnally was unforgettable. Can hardly wait to return. Connie

  2. Ann M Godfrey

    Hello Cherrye. My whole family came from Satriano, Catanzaro. Have you ever heard of the area? I would love to do a private tour but financially it is not possible now. Have you heard the last name of Migliarese since you have lived in Calabria for a while? Thanks, Ann Godfrey

    • Kathleen Migliarese Avalone

      I have been trying to find some ancestry history of the Migliareses. My grandfather was from Calabria but I don’t know what part-Giuseppe Migliarese, born in 1869.


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