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Rome, Lazio

Dear friends, Eccoci! (Here we are)

Thank you for your loooong patience and inquiries. Until now, I have been busy with other work which didn’t leave time for my writing and editorial duties. I have just returned to Italy and am looking forward to getting things back up to speed with the notes.

I am afraid however that a fair number of the coming notes will be sad and tragic ones. I returned to Italy to find that the earthquakes simply never stopped since that first one on the 24th of August. For example, the latest quake a week ago (Sunday, Oct 30th) was strong enough to get everyone into the in their pjs at 8 a.m. here in Rome. If it was that strong here, I can’t even begin to imagine the state of mind of all the people in Umbria who have lost their homes, businesses, and towns, and for many even loved ones, due to the ongoing seismic activity, which has been relentless… 46 quakes 4.0 or above since Aug 24th; 22,000 seismic events total. Our thoughts go out to them all! We’ll have our first note out tomorrow.

Thanks again for your patience! -ed.


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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